Meet Stephanie: My Connection to Adoption is the Reason I Wanted to Work for AFTH

Meet Stephanie: My Connection to Adoption is the Reason I Wanted to Work for AFTH

Meet Stephanie Cappriotti, our Central PA Out-Of-Area Program Coordinator and Adoption Counselor. Adoption is something very near and dear to her heart and continues to be a constant in her work and family. Her cousin’s adoption through AFTH inspired her to work in the adoption field.

What about your cousin’s adoption story inspired you the most?

I just started college when my cousin was adopted.  At the same time my school offered an adoption course. The course professor, Professor Raffield, happened to be on the board of AFTH at the time. My cousin’s adoption made the class that much more personally valuable because I related the information to real life.

The following semester, I interned at an adoption agency working with the Statewide Adoption Network. I did an independent study my senior year on RAD with that same professor. She mentioned the agency opening an office in the Greater Harrisburg area; gave me the name and number of Marilyn Rich. Marilyn was my aunt and uncle’s social worker. I had an interview with her and the rest is history. Oddly enough, Marilyn and I had the same professor for some of our social work courses. Professor Raffield started her career at the same place Marilyn attended and ended it at the one I attended.

How has your cousin’s story influenced you?

Having a personal connection with adoption is a constant reminder to treat our clients the way I would want my family treated, because it is my family. Over the years, my cousin and I have had great conversations about his adoption and adoption in general. As an adoptee, he has given me great insight into the thoughts and feelings through his eyes. Although every individual is different, his thoughts have echoed other adoptees.

We know his story inspired your desire to work in adoption. In what ways has your personal connection to adoption assisted you in your work at AFTH?

His story and our connection allow me to be able to empathize with our clients and remind me that this journey is one that will change their lives in the best way possible. Fortunately, my cousin and his immediate family do not get bothered by the adoption talks that happens at our dinner table. We discuss the matter so openly in our family and from all different perspectives.

Thank you for sharing your personal and professional inspiration through adoption, Stephanie!

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