Museums To Visit in Horsham, Pennsylvania

Museums To Visit in Horsham, Pennsylvania

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Harold F. Pitcairn Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum

Finding activities such as visiting museums or historical sites can enrich the mind and give a lot of historical education and insight on a lot of exciting topics. The adoption agency in Horsham, Pennsylvania, has sponsored this article to encourage people to visit museums with family or friends. 

The Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum has a diverse aircraft and exhibit collection that shows an impressive assortment of historical objects. Such aviation artifacts include but are not limited to: flight helmets, antique and new aviation flight suits, air to air missiles, (inert) bombs, detailed aircraft models and Martin Baker vintage ejection seats.


Currently, the museum has 19 aircraft on display for guests to see, both inside and outside the building. There are also three aircrafts undergoing restoration that will eventually be included in future exhibitions.

They also offer simulators for children to enjoy, such as the Kaman SH-2G “Sea Sprite” helicopter simulator and the Grumman “Panther” simulator. 

Current Artifacts

The Norden Bomb-sight was initially developed for U.S. Navy aircraft by the Dutch Engineer Carl Norden. A top confidential tool at the time, it provided greater precision to bombing by American forces compared to other nations.

The Norden Bomb-sight enabled the bombers to drop their bombs from an altitude of over 20,000 feet, within a 100-foot radius of their target.

SCR-578 “Gibson Girl” Emergency Transmitter was a German invention enhanced by the British and produced in America. In 1941 the German Luftwaffe allowed their pilots to use a lightweight, buoyant, waterproof transmitter in emergency situations. 

With its internal hand-operated generator, it could be used by crashed pilots to signal rescue without battery or electric power.


The enthusiastic, informative, and highly respected instructors and tour guides will provide you with the experience you want for your community or family, from the technical knowledge of the aircraft and objects to focus on the historical aspects of the exhibits, or a fascinating combination of both.

For more activities to explore, visit Graeme Park for a unique spin on a historical park.

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