Must-See State Parks In Pittsburgh

Must-See State Parks In Pittsburgh

Pointe State Park 

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This article is sponsored by the Pittsburgh adoption center at AFTH, who enjoys showing visitors new outdoor activities to bring friends and family.

Point State Park is located at the meeting point of three rivers, at the tip of what’s called Pittsburgh’s “Golden Triangle.” The park showcases tons of historical heritage and preservations from the French and Indian War in 1754.

Point State Park offers several recreations and environmental awareness services. Individuals begin gaining appreciation, knowledge, and a sense of leadership for natural and cultural resources through these programs.

Throughout the park, visitors can scout out a variety of monuments, plaques, and markers.

Fort Pitt Museum

In the park, you can find Fort Pitt Museum, a two-floor, 12,000 square foot building that displays stories and historical facts from the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the Birth of Pittsburgh.

Constructed on the grounds of the original Monongahela Bastion at Fort Pitt, the façade of the museum enables visitors to feel the immense scale of what was the second-largest fort in North America at the time.

Visitors will learn about the critical role that the region played in shaping the United States through immersive exhibits, lifelike historical figures, and various artifacts.

Fort Pitt Block House

Established as a small defensive redoubt in 1764, the Fort Pitt Block House is the only remaining Fort Pitt building — a crucial British fortification during the French and Indian Wars, which also acted as the Continental Army’s western headquarters during the American Revolution.

The Block House is now owned and run by the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Fort Pitt Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Since 1895, the Block House has remained free to the public.

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