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Are you interested in learning more about the domestic adoption process in Pittsburgh? Adoptions From The Heart is here to support you on this amazing journey.

Birth Mothers Can Depend On Our Adoption Professionals

The adoption team at AFTH understands that an unexpected pregnancy can throw your life plans into disarray. Our goal is to simply make sure that you fully understand each option that is available to you, including:

  1. Parenting
  2. Adoption
  3. Abortion

Should you choose to place your child up for adoption, our team will be there to help you every step of the way. If needed, we can assist with finding you housing, obtaining health care for you and your child, providing ongoing counseling and access to support groups, connect you with legal assistance, and help you determine which prospective family is the right match for you. We can also help you decide how much contact you would like to have with your child and their adoptive family in the future.

Contact our office in Pittsburgh to learn more.

Adoption Agency Connecting Prospective Parents To Their Children In Pittsburgh

Are you in the process of determining which adoption agency is the right fit for you? Do you have questions like:

  • Is domestic or international adoption cheaper?
  • What is open adoption?
  • How expensive is adoption?
  • What should I expect during the adoption process?
  • What is a home study?

Our adoption professionals are prepared to answer every question you have. If you decide that moving forward with Adoptions From The Heart is right for you, our team will help you with completing your home study, connect you with legal and financial resources, provide you with the ability to create an online profile which birth parents can review, and guide you through each step of the process.

Don’t wait – call now to take the first steps towards building your family.