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HeartbeatsHeartbeats: Assisted Reproduction Program

Heartbeats: Assisted Reproduction Program was created to help families navigate the often complex third party reproduction options. Heartbeats is a counseling, evaluation and education program to help families determine which option best fits their reproductive goals, how to talk to children about their conception and birth, and how to explain it to friends and family.

Is third party reproduction right for you?

For some couples opting for third party reproduction is a very straight forward decision but for others there are lots of things to be considered and thought about before making the decision. A Heartbeats counselor can help families work through their options and put things into perspective. Other options to third party reproduction, like adoption can be considered.

Heartbeats is a program of Adoptions From The Heart. With over 25 years experience facilitating open adoptions between birth and adoptive parents, Adoptions From The Heart has the background necessary to counsel and educate families on open and closed embryo placements and international gestational surrogacy options, and to provide home studies as required

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