Our Allentown Adoption Agents’ Favorite Breweries In The Lehigh Valley

Our Allentown Adoption Agents’ Favorite Breweries In The Lehigh Valley

In our opinion, the Lehigh Valley is home to some of the best breweries on the east coast. Some of our favorite craft beer lines are brewed here, and countless beer lovers throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the east coast enjoy these delicious brews. When our Allentown adoption agents are looking to enjoy some quality time with our spouses, we love getting a babysitter and taking the day to visit some of these breweries. Ordering these beers directly from the source means you have a choice of every option they brew and can gain some deeper insight into the process behind brewing them. Some of our favorite breweries in the Lehigh Valley include:

Yergey Brewing

Yergey Brewing offers an extensive and varied line of excellent craft beers. We love ordering their beers at bars and restaurants throughout the area, but a trip to the brewery is always a special treat. Owner Jim Yergey is almost always there, and when he is, he always makes sure to visit every table and chat with his guests. He even made these tables himself, which tells you something about the passion he has for everything related to this brewery. There’s also a rotating food truck serving up some delicious food to pair with your beers.

Funk Brewing Company

Emmaus is home to two of our favorite breweries – the previously mentioned Yergey, along with Funk Brewing. This simple brewery features a small bar, friendly bartenders, and like Yergey, a changing rotation of food trucks if you get hungry while trying these delicious craft brews. They have eight of their beers on tap, and you can try a sampler flight of all 8 for just $20 – a true steal. Order the sampler and figure out which ones you like best before ordering a full glass for yourself.

Bonn Place Brewing Company

Located in Bethlehem, Bonn Place Brewing Company has a great atmosphere, friendly owners and staff, and above all else, excellent craft beers. The bartenders will be happy to give you information on each beer before you try them and help you pick the perfect one for your personal tastes. They also offer a quirky happy hour from 4:07 pm to 5:33 pm with $1 off pints of house beers. And on Fridays, teachers and medical professionals are treated to a special extended happy hour from 3:00 pm to 5:33 pm.

Hijinx Brewing Company

Hijinx Brewing Company is located in a large industrial space in Allentown. There is always plenty of seating here, along with a variety of local food trucks and live music on some nights. The prices here are absurdly cheap, especially for the quality of drinks you’ll be getting. The bartenders are always friendly and willing to fill you in on what to expect from each of the beers on tap.

Lost Tavern Brewing

Lost Tavern Brewing is located in Hellertown, and has one of our favorite atmospheres among breweries in the area. During the warmer months of the year, the patio is open, which makes for a great day of enjoying delicious local craft beers in nice weather. They also have a rotating food schedule, with options from different local eateries each night of the week. Lost Tavern also has live music 5 nights per week, which really adds to the already welcoming atmosphere here. A true gem amongst many excellent breweries in the Lehigh Valley.

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