Our Allentown Adoption Professionals Love Visiting the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum

Our Allentown Adoption Professionals Love Visiting the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum

The Lehigh Valley is an area with a rich cultural and historical heritage, and this heritage is celebrated at the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum. The 30,000 square-foot museum also serves as the headquarters for the Lehigh County Historical Society. The museum is a state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility that boasts one of Pennsylvania’s most impressive historical research libraries, along with 6 galleries and over 13,000 square feet of exhibits. If you’re looking for a good museum to visit for an educational family field trip, our Allentown adoption professionals highly recommend the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum.

National Penn Bank Historical Exhibit Gallery

This comprehensive permanent exhibit chronicles the story of the Lehigh Valley’s history, beginning with the Native American societies that flourished prior to European colonization and progressing through the settlement of Pennsylvania Germans (aka Pennsylvania Dutch) and the development of industry in the 20th century, all the way until present day. The exhibit specifically discusses industries like iron, cement, and silk. It also explores how the region is unique and the important influences the Lehigh Valley has had on the nation as a whole.

Native Americans: A Diverse & Evolving History

This temporary exhibit explores the 10,000-year history of Native American life in the Lehigh Valley. History buffs will love this exhibit, which features hundreds of authentic Native American artifacts. The exhibit discusses archaeological discoveries from the area and how archaeology can help us better understand the earliest residents of the Lehigh Valley. This exhibit is free for members, $8 for non-member adults, and $3 for children.

This exhibit and accompanying programs are partly sponsored by a grant from the Keystone Savings Foundation.

The American Presidency

Learn about the history of the American presidency with a visit to this exhibit, which showcases interesting items like Presidential portraits, campaign buttons, commemorative items, and original items related to specific presidents like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. This exhibit and related programs are partly sponsored by grants from the County of Lehigh and the Sylvia Perkin Perpetual Trust.

Scott Andrew Trexler II Research Library & Archives

As we mentioned before, the Scott Andrew Trexler II Research Library is one of the most impressive historical libraries in this part of the country. The library houses an extensive collection of local and regional history, as well as a large selection of genealogy holdings. Historians and genealogists alike frequently visit here to research using the library’s various books, maps, newspapers, photographs, oral histories, personal and family papers, church and social records, business documents, and county records. The environment is also very welcoming for research, with a reading and helpful staff members.

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