Our Connecticut Adoption Pros Recommend A Family Trip To The Fire Museum

Our Connecticut Adoption Pros Recommend A Family Trip To The Fire Museum

Connecticut natives are fortunate to live in a part of the country with a rich history dating back to the earliest days of the United States. This is great for families, as there is a wealth of different museums and historical sites where the whole family can learn about all periods of American history. The Fire Museum is a smaller, and we think underappreciated museum in Manchester. Our Connecticut adoption agents love taking family trips here, and it’s always a big hit for history buff parents and young aspiring firefighters. Here are some of our favorite aspects of the Fire Museum:

History of the Connecticut Firemen’s Historical Society

In Connecticut, firefighters take pride in the history of the heroic firefighters who came before them. In 1970, this appreciation for firefighting history resulted in the formation of the Connecticut Firemen’s Historical Society. One of their main objectives was the creation of a Fire Museum, and they made that a reality in 1979 by converting a 1901 Manchester firehouse into that museum and their organization’s headquarters. They took control of this building after the Town Manager for Manchester told Society members that he would need to demolish the old firehouse unless he found a new use for it. A lease was signed for two 50-year periods after some short negotiations.

Museum Highlights

This museum is a true treat for any history buff. It’s an especially fun day trip for parents who have kids that are fascinated by firefighters, firehouses, firetrucks, etc. The collection is an extensive collection of historical firefighting treasures. Some of our favorite items on display included:

  • Leather fire buckets dating back to colonial times
  • One of the first motorized fire apparatus
  • Hand-pulled hose reel used for parades
  • Decorated four-wheel
  • Horse-drawn hose wagon
  • Steam-operated pumper
  • Ancient leather hose and helmets
  • Wooden water main
  • Night watchman’s alarm rattles and bells
  • Fire officers’ speaking trumpets
  • Antique prints and lithographs of fires
  • Antique fire alarm equipment
  • A fire warden’s staff from the 18th century

Documenting the Flames in Frames

The Fire Museum is currently hosting a 3D exhibit called Documenting the Flames in Frames. Members of the Connecticut Fire Photographers Association were asked to contribute works for the exhibit, on display in the Connecticut Room Gallery. 20 different photographers contributed 157 photographs for the exhibit. These photos offer a unique view into the work conditions of firefighters, including striking portraits from firefighters on the job in Connecticut, Detroit, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and other states. We thought these photos did a great job of capturing the harsh conditions firefighters work through and showed how heroic they really are.

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