Our Favorite Wineries and Breweries in the Wilmington DE Area

Our Favorite Wineries and Breweries in the Wilmington DE Area

Beer and wine connoisseurs alike have plenty of options for indulging in their alcoholic beverage of choice in the Wilmington, DE area. Our Wilmington adoption professionals love taking advantage of the many high-quality breweries and wineries scattered around the city and nearby areas. It always makes for a great way to catch up with family or old friends, to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, or a date night. Some of our favorite breweries and wineries in this region include:

Bellefonte Brewing Company

Located in an industrial complex in Wilmington, Bellefonte Brewing Company can be a bit hard to locate at first. But once you’re inside with a cold glass of one of their many delicious craft beers, you’ll be glad you made the effort to find it. The staff here is always enthusiastic and eager to tell you all about the wide variety of beers they have on tap, making it an awesome choice both for seasoned craft beer enthusiasts and those just beginning to dabble in the scene.

Some of our favorite beers from Bellefonte Brewing Company include:

  • Perils of Punky
  • Orange Street Ale
  • Small Wonder IPA
  • Saison Du Manoir
  • Bellevue Blonde

Wilmington Brew Works

Wilmington Brew Works is a newcomer in the Wilmington craft beer scene but has already become a fast favorite among enthusiasts in the area. It opened in the summer of 2018. This brewery also has a diverse selection of beers including IPAs, sours, wits, ryes, stouts, and many more craft ales and lagers. And if you get hungry, you can find some delicious quick bites and snacks at the food trucks that post up at the brewery.

Stitch House Brewery

Stitch House is another relatively new brewpub and restaurant located in downtown Wilmington. We mainly come here for the beers, but their food menu also has plenty of delicious sandwiches and skillets to enjoy alongside your craft brew. If you’re hungry and in the mood for a delicious beer, then Stitch House Brewery is definitely a great choice.

Some of our favorite beers from Stitch House Brewery include:

  • Snitchez Get Stitchz
  • Shandy Dropper
  • Dumpster Fire
  • Sho Nuff Stout
  • Power Lunch

The Wilmington Wine Co.

For almost 15 years, the Wilmington Wine Company has been the go-to spot for a wide selection of wines in the Wilmington area. This store is located in Wawaset Plaza and is easily accessible by residents of Wilmington, Greenville, Centreville, Wawaset Park, Westmoreland, and Westover Hills. Others from nearby regions often come here to participate in sales, wine tastings, and other events.

Liquid Alchemy Beverages

Liquid Alchemy Beverages is a unique establishment that specializes in craft meads and hard ciders. The company has several meaderies throughout the United States that have won Golf and Silver medals in national and international competitions.

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