Our New Jersey Adoption Agents Visit Cooper River State Park

Our New Jersey Adoption Agents Visit Cooper River State Park

New Jersey may be home to some major industrial cities and sprawling suburbs, but it’s also home to some beautiful nature. Our New Jersey adoption agents love taking family trips to national parks, nature preserves, and other natural settings to bond together in the great outdoors. Cooper River State Park is one of our favorites in this part of the state. This massive park spans 346 acres and runs through Pennsauken, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, and Haddon Township. There are a variety of facilities and activities to enjoy here. Some of our favorite things to do at Cooper River State Park include:

Athletic Activities

If you enjoy staying active and playing sports or exercising in the outdoors, Cooper River State Park has plenty of options. You can enjoy both individual activities and group ones that you and your family can participate in together. Some of the athletic features and facilities found here include:

  • 2 softball fields
  • 1 cross country course
  • 2 bike paths
  • 4 volleyball courts
  • 1 miniature golf course
  • 1 1/4 mile cinder track

These facilities can be used for organized games or casual games organized amongst family and friends. Staying fit is an important part of life, and we think playing sports together is always a great way to bond with the family.


Fishing on Cooper River is always a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Teaching your kids to fish can be a valuable learning experience and way of growing closer together. If you decide to fish, enjoying a delicious meal that you caught can help teach the value of hard work’s rewards.


A picnic is one of our favorite ways to spend a nice summer weekend day together as a family. When you don’t feel like cooking but don’t want to splurge on a restaurant dinner, throwing together a blanket and picnic basket is a great way to enjoy a meal in the outdoors without hurting your wallet. We love picnicking at Cooper River State Park, as the lush green riverside setting makes for a beautiful backdrop.

The park is home to four picnic areas:

  • Wallenberg Gazebo
  • Armitage Pavilion
  • Hopkins House
  • Subaru Gazebo

Sculpture Garden

We think it’s important to introduce kids to the value and beauty of art from a young age. A walk through the park’s beautiful sculpture garden will help them gain an appreciation for creativity and the arts.

Dog Park

If you’ve got a dog, don’t worry about leaving him or her at home during your visit to Cooper River State Park. They have a dog park where your pooch can get in some exercise and potentially make some new friends.

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