Our New Jersey Adoption Pros Visit Laurel Acres Park

Our New Jersey Adoption Pros Visit Laurel Acres Park

In an age where it’s too easy to get sucked into hours of binge-watching, it’s important to make sure our families spend enough quality time together outdoors. Fortunately, South Jersey has plenty of parks, nature reserves, gardens, and other picturesque outdoor areas where families can have fun and relax together during the spring and summer. Laurel Acres Park is one of our favorites, and we love visiting here during the summer for family barbeques, picnics, and some good old-fashioned athletic competition. Our New Jersey adoption professionals recommend a family trip to Laurel Acres Park.

Renovation Project

Laurel Acres Park is already a beautiful natural park, but their facilities are due for an upgrade. Earlier this year, Mount Laurel city officials announced plans for the park’s first upgrades since 2003. The municipality is currently working on the renovation project, so expect some construction during your visit. However, it won’t interfere with your experience at the park too much.

New additions in this renovation include:

  • More swingsets
  • Additional fencing
  • Modern slides
  • Handicapped-accessible equipment
  • Rubberized flooring
  • A second pavilion with a 50-person capacity

Most of the equipment at the park’s two children’s playgrounds is aging and will be replaced during the renovation. Some of the old equipment will be relocated to Spencer Park.

Our Favorite Features

Even if parts of the playground are sectioned off when you visit, there are still plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy at Laurel Acres Park. The nature here is what really makes the park stand out as one of our favorites in South Jersey. There are wide-open fields, a picturesque pond with a fountain, and the area is surrounded by trees.

Some of our favorite activities available at Laurel Acres Park include:


We love relaxing with a casual day of fishing at the pond here. Teaching your kids to fish is always a valuable bonding experience and can help build a hobby that stays with them for the rest of their life.


Laurel Acres Park has a state-of-the-art baseball facility with 8 baseball fields. If your kids enjoy playing backyard baseball and are interested in joining an organized league, they can find one here. You can also set up your own game with family and friends.


The park has a paved walking path which makes for a low-energy hike. You’ll commonly see park visitors walking their dogs along this path. If you’re more of a cyclist, feel free to bring your bike for a ride along the same path.


Laurel Acres has a prominent hill which makes for great sledding when it snows.

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