Our Philadelphia Adoption Agents Recommend Visiting The National Constitution Center

Our Philadelphia Adoption Agents Recommend Visiting The National Constitution Center

Philadelphia is one of our country’s most historic cities, and in many ways, the birthplace of American democracy. Across the country, young students learn about how the foundations of our nation were forged here, including the signing and drafting of bedrock documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Whether you’re a native of the Philadelphia area or a tourist passing through, our Philadelphia adoption agents think all Americans should visit the Constitution Center when in this part of the country. A family trip here is a great way for your kids to learn the history of their home nation and how the foundation laid by the founding fathers has resulted in one of the most powerful democracies in world history.

Some of our favorite exhibits at the Constitution Center include:

Freedom Rising

A new version of the Freedom Rising exhibition just opened following a multimillion-dollar renovation and upgrade. This live theatrical production is held in the Sidney Kimmel Theater and helps give you some background information on the story of the U.S. Constitution before you start making your way through the center.

The Story of We The People

This is the Constitution Center’s main exhibition and includes three circular interactive exhibits. Here, your family will learn about the most important events in early American history and why the Constitution is still as important today as the day it was signed in 1787.

Some highlights from The Story of We the People include:

  • A rare copy of the Emancipation Proclamation
  • Interactive touchscreens with stories from 100 citizens who helped shape the Constitution
  • Recite the Presidential Oath of Office while watching yourself on a big screen
  • Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s Supreme Court robe
  • Living News theater performances

Signers’ Hall

In Signer’s Hall, you’ll find 42 life-size bronze statues of the founding fathers. We think this is the most photogenic section of the Constitution Center. Look around the room at all of the famous faces and imagine what the scene may have looked like during the signing of the Constitution. Pose as a family with some of your favorite statues for a great souvenir of a memorable day.

American Treasures: Documenting the Nation’s Founding

This exhibition tells the story of how the Constitution was shaped, from early drafts to various edits, to the finished version that would eventually become the foundation of the United States.

This exhibition is full of priceless artifacts, including:

  • James Wilson’s Report of the Convention’s Resolution
  • The first draft of the Constitution
  • Jame’s Wilson’s Manuscript of the Committee of Detail Report
  • Official Printing of the Constitution
  • The Bill of Rights

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