Our Philadelphia Adoption Professionals Take A Family Trip To The Franklin Institute

Our Philadelphia Adoption Professionals Take A Family Trip To The Franklin Institute

Philadelphia is a culturally rich city, with a variety of museums and educational opportunities. Our Philadelphia adoption professionals think it’s important to make sure your kids have the opportunity to enjoy these institutions. In our opinion, The Franklin Institute is the best museum for kids in Philadelphia. Kids in Philadelphia have been coming here for generations, and the Institute does a fantastic job of hosting a variety of interesting exhibitions. Some of our favorite current exhibitions here include:

Game Masters: The Exhibition

This exhibition is a showcase of over 30 groundbreaking game designers. You’ll be taken on a journey throughout the decades, beginning with the pioneers of the arcade game era and advancing through to today’s console and internet games. There are over 100 playable games in this exhibition, and you’ll be sure to enjoy introducing your kids to some of your nostalgic favorites from your childhood. This isn’t just an arcade though – you’ll also learn about the stories of those who designed these games and how video game technology has advanced.

AR at The Franklin Institute

AR stands for Augmented Reality, which creates an experience in which a digital augmentation is laid over the real-world environment in front of you. In this exhibition, you’ll learn all about this technology and have the opportunity to participate in it yourself. AR is one of the fastest-growing technological trends today and is expected to become increasingly popular as smartphones and other electronic devices acquire AR technology.

Your Brain

Learn all about our most complex internal organ by exploring the Your Brain exhibition. Your kids will love climbing through a two-story tall climbing structure modeled after the brain’s neural networks, complete with lighting and sound effects triggered by footsteps. This exhibition also features a digital collage of videos and visualizations of the brain created by brain imaging technologies. As technology advances, scientists have begun to learn more about the brain, but they still don’t fully understand how the brain works.

The Giant Heart

The Giant Heart has been one of The Franklin Institute’s most popular exhibits for over 50 years. For generations, kids have undergone the rite of passage that is walking through the Giant Heart. You may have even walked through it yourself as a child. Walking through the Heart as an adult while introducing your child to it for the first time is an incredibly memorable experience.

This exhibit teaches all about the anatomy and physiology of the heart and other parts of the body. It explains how we can keep our hearts healthy by exercising, eating healthy, and having a balanced lifestyle.

Changing Earth

This exhibit explores how the Earth is in a constant state of change. It discusses tectonic plate movements, earthquakes, volcanoes, air pressure, weather, and more. This is an important exhibit in this day and age, with so much damage being done to the environment. You’ll have the opportunity to explore how humanity’s response to Earth’s changes could affect our future on this planet and how choices you make can also affect the future of the planet.

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