Our Virginia Adoption Agents Recommend A Visit To Virginia Zoological Park

Our Virginia Adoption Agents Recommend A Visit To Virginia Zoological Park

A trip to the zoo is always a fun and educational way to spend the day as a family. Our Virgina adoption agents love visiting the Virginia Zoo on the weekends, and our kids love it even more. This large zoo is home to a wide array of wildlife from all over the world.  Some of our favorite exhibits here include:

Africa – Okavango Delta

The zoo’s Africa – Okavango Delta section features landscapes and animals from all over Africa. This exhibit is open year-round and is home to a variety of African wildlife, both big and small. This is one of our favorite exhibits at the zoo, as you get the opportunity to watch some exotic creatures not found in North America.

Animals found in the Africa – Okavango Delta section of the zoo include:

  • African Lion
  • African Pancake Tortoise
  • Aldabra Tortoise
  • Cheetah
  • Common Ostrich
  • East African White-throated Monitor
  • Eastern Bongo
  • Egyptian Goose
  • Egyption Spiny-tailed Lizard
  • Fennec Fox
  • Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra
  • Masai Giraffe
  • Meller’s Chameleon
  • Painted Agame
  • Radiated Tortoise
  • Red River Hog
  • Rock Hyrax
  • Slender-tailed Meerkat
  • Southern Ground Hornbill
  • White Rhinoceros
  • Stanley Crane
  • Taveta Golden Weaver
  • Watusi Cattle
  • White-headed Buffalo Weaver
  • Yellow-backed Duiker

Asia – Trail of the Tiger

The Trail of the Tiger exhibit recreates Asia’s vibrant landscape and rich biodiversity. A variety of wildlife from all over this massive continent can be found in this exhibit, and you’ll enjoy watching them from an accurate recreation of their natural habitat, with waterfalls, green foliage, and more. There are 25 exotic creatures on display here – some are close cousins to animals we’d find here in North America, while others will likely be completely new to your child.

This collection includes the following animals:

  • Asian Fairy Bluebird
  • Asian Small-clawed Otter
  • Asiatic Black Bear
  • Azure-winged Magpie
  • Binturong
  • Black-naped Fruit Dove
  • Bleeding Heart Dove
  • Bornean Orangutan
  • Chestnut-breasted Malkoha
  • Cinerous Vulture
  • Collared Finch-billed Bulbul
  • Crested Wood Partridge
  • Green-naped Pheasant Pigeon
  • Malayan Sun Bear
  • Malayan Tapir
  • Malayan Tiger
  • Purple-tailed Imperial Pigeon
  • Red Panda
  • Rhinoceros Hornbill
  • Sarus Crane
  • Siamang
  • Southern Cassowary
  • Victoria Crowned Pigeon
  • White-cheeked Gibbon
  • White-crested Laughing Thrush

World of Reptiles

World of Reptiles is a brand new section which just opened on June 4, 2018. The Virginia Zoo’s reptile building has been completely renovated and now features a diverse habitat with a wide range of different reptiles. You can get up close with massive reptiles and watch newborn reptiles hatch.

Inhabitants of World of Reptiles include:

  • Siamese Crocodile
  • Gray’s Monitor Lizard
  • Frilled Dragon
  • Emerald Tree Boa
  • Goliath Birdeater
  • Green Tree Monitor
  • Iranian Newt
  • Blue Tree Monitor
  • Peruvian Red Tail Boa
  • Giant Gecko
  • Bamboo Racer
  • Red-eyed Tree Frog
  • Magnificent Tree Frog
  • Panamanian Golden Frog
  • Utila Iguana
  • Sailfin Dragon
  • Reticulated Python
  • Saki Monkey
  • Black Tree Monitor
  • Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle
  • Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake
  • Tentacled Snake
  • Gila Monster
  • Green Basilisk
  • Red Pigmy Rattlesnake
  • Jeweled Lacerta
  • Golden Mantella
  • Crocodile Monitor
  • Anthony’s Poison Arrow Frog
  • Banded Rock Rattlesnake
  • Lemur Leaf Frog
  • Yellow Tree Monitor
  • Surinam Toad
  • Strawberry Poison-dart Frog

Australia Walkabout

Walk through a simulated Australian outback and get a close look at some of the most famous animals from this part of the world. Australia Walkabout is only open on Saturdays and Sundays and well worth a visit if you’re at the zoo on a weekend.

Animals inhabiting Australia Walkabout include:

  • Bennett’s Wallaby
  • Eastern Grey Kangaroo
  • Emu
  • Southern Cassowary


The Zoofarm section is home to a variety of adorable farm animals. You can get close and even touch some of the animals.

Animals living at Zoofarm include:

  • Alapaca
  • Binturong
  • Black-tailed Prairie Dog
  • Cape Porcupine
  • Common Peafowl
  • Demoiselle Crane
  • Dexter Cattle
  • Kenya Crested Guinea Fowl
  • Kunekune Pig
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats
  • Patagonian Cavy
  • Screaming Hairy Armadillo
  • Southdown Babydoll Sheep
  • Southern Screamer
  • Zebu Cattle

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