Q&A With An AFTH Social Worker

Q&A With An AFTH Social Worker

In celebration of Social Work Month, we want to take the time to highlight AFTH social workers, and all that they do for our agency. Our social workers provide much needed support and encouragement to adoptive and birth families every day!

Meet one of AFTH’s valuable social workers, Jessica.

Q: Why did you choose a career in social work?

J: I have always had a passion for helping people, especially children. I used to want to be a Spanish teacher for young children when I was in college. I took a couple of education classes, and taught Spanish to young children at a private enrichment school. I enjoyed it a lot, but I wanted to do more.

Q: Did you always plan on working in this field?

J: Although I have taken different Psychology courses since high school, I declared a minor in Psychology and took more in depth courses. This lead me to research more about studying Psychology further, and discovered Social Work.

Q: What are some challenges that you face in your everyday work?

J: Although being a social worker is extremely rewarding, it does have its challenges. It can often be an under-appreciated job by many people. It is also often difficult to maintain a divide between work and home, which is why it is essential to indulge in self-care.

Q: What causes are you most passionate about?

J: I am overall passionate about helping other people, as mentioned previously. I am passionate in helping others by empowering them; and helping them understand that no matter how difficult the situation, they are strong – and that they have so much potential and capable of whatever they set their mind to.

Q: Why did you choose Adoptions From The Heart?

J: Ever since moving to the United States, and going through the difficulty of being an immigrant, I have always been interested in children and families; how they connect, develop, etc. Adoptions From The Heart has been a wonderful experience. I am not only learning about families and children, but about open adoption and its benefits. I also use my skills as a social worker to empower birth mothers, and guide adoptive parents in this difficult yet wonderful journey.

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