Rory & Matt #7214

Rory & Matt #7214

7214 dThank you for taking the time to look at our online profile! We greatly respect the choices you are making, and the care with which you are considering our burgeoning family.
First, just a little bit about us and where we began as individuals…Rory was born and raised in California with a large family of all sons (the fifth of sixth), and plenty of wrestling, joking and competing (boys will be boys). Matt was born and raised in New York with a wise older sister, and plenty of talking, creating and and competing (it’s pretty much unavoidable). Rory loved maps, pop music, and sports as a kid, while Matt excelled at writing and loved comic books and animals. Though hugely different in some ways, both our upbringings and families have taught us how important love and respect are to any family or relationship. We’ve been together as a couple for six years, spanning multiple NYC apartments, before more recently settling down in Westchester county, purchasing a house with too many empty rooms. Now as we prepare to expand our family, we’re ready to fill these rooms with love, laughter, and amazing memories (and lots of great photos to share with you!). We truly believe the brightest future for any child is to have the most amount of love available –  from birth mother to adoptive parent. As individuals and then as a couple, we’ve been dreaming about fatherhood for years, and we hope that opportunity will arrive soon.

Lastly, we’d like to address our obligation to you as the birth parent…We promise to celebrate your child’s story and provide them with never-ending love and support, as well as education, opportunity, and the freedom to blossom.  As they grow, we promise to share many updates and photos with you. We are also open to annual or bi-annual visits if you so choose, and would certainly welcome such a choice.

Thank you again for considering our family.

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