June 8, 2020

Adoptions From The Heart stands with the world in the fight for equality and fair treatment for men and women of color. What happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all the other countless men and women who have lost their lives to violence, indifference and police brutality, is not okay. It is not okay that equality is something that is still being fought for, that simply wearing a hoodie can make you a threat or being pulled over can jeopardize your life.

It is now time to stop the violence, indifference and inequality in the communities of people of color.  It is time to empower black and brown voices, it is time to shine a light on systemic racism and say enough is enough.  We recognize the pain and fatigue over the injustices that are felt by the black and brown community every day. The color of your skin should not dictate how you are treated in America or around the world.  The past few days we have seen cities across the country in turmoil. We have also seen people across the country come together in response to this tremendous pain and indifference. We are so proud of everyone who continues to bravely stand up for change.

Adoptions From The Heart is working hard to be proactive in this movement towards racial equality. We want to be productive and provide a platform for black and brown voices to be heard. Our agency will be providing specific supportive services to our adoptive families raising children of color. We also will be reaching out to our black and brown birthparents, to continue this conversation of “Black Lives Matter,” and do our part within the adoption community to help close the gap of racial injustice.

Click to see the action list AFTH is committed to keeping the conversation going and making change.

Executive Director