Participants of AFTHtv’s Black Voices within Adoption reflect on Their Experience

This summer AFTHtv dedicated its entire sixth season to serve as a program giving Black voices within the adoption triad (adoptive parents, birth parents, adoptees) the platform to discuss racial matters and adoption in today’s society. New episodes aired on the nonprofit’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel every Tuesday. Social workers and adoption counselors [...]

Married Couples Placing a Child for Adoption

Social workers often counsel married couples placing a child for adoption when the couple is faced with an unplanned pregnancy. There are many reasons as to why married couples choose adoption. For example, they are not ready to be parents, they may wish to not expand their family, or, some couples do not want to [...]

Friends through Adoption become Family through Kidney Transplant

An AFTH 35th Anniversary story Throwback In 2016, AFTH received an email from a family who had adopted through our China Program over ten years ago. Marie Kilgore and her family had a wonderful experience and were enjoying the past ten years with their daughter, Grace. However, they reached out to us because their adoption [...]

Meeting My Birth Parents: Samantha’s story

By Samantha, an Adoptions From The Heart adoptee Ever since I understood the term “adoption” and what it means, I have  wanted to meet my birth parents. When I was younger, my dream was just that of a naïve child. I did not understand the complexity of feelings. I heard from my birth parents twice [...]

Kyle: A Birth Father’s Story

Birth Father’s Story Part 1 My girlfriend and I both grew up in upstate New York. When Jackie decided to move to Pittsburgh to go to school I came with her.  We shared a small efficiency apartment and a one bench truck.  I was working full time while finishing-up school. But after a while, we [...]

Jennifer, Rob and Genevieve’s Story

Jennifer, Rob, and Genevieve When Jennifer and Robert got married, they knew right away that they wanted to start a family. However, they quickly learned that conceiving a child would not be an option for them. After struggling with infertility – Jennifer and Rob decided it was time to begin considering other ways [...]

Marilyn Rich’s Monumental Contributions to AFTH and the Adoption Triad

Marilyn Rich is our Central PA District Supervisor and Search Coordinator. As an adoption search coordinator, Marilyn works to reunite long lost family members. Prior to working with AFTH, Marilyn worked in reproductive health care, where she assisted women facing unplanned pregnancies. Marilyn was always familiar with our agency because she often would refer women [...]

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