Adoptive Parents

Chris and Adrienne Celebrate being Birth Grandparents this Grandparents Day

Today is national Grandparents Day, a day to celebrate the top integral figures of the family tree. In an open adoption adoptive parents can encourage a loving bond not just with their own parents, but with their birth grandparents as well. Delaware birth grandparents Chris and Adrienne have been present in their granddaughter Charlotte’s life [...]

The Unbreakable Bond Between Families Who Adopted Together

Seven families set out on an adoption journey together, faced some unexpected challenges, and rose above the odds by creating a new family not only with their adopted daughters, but also with one another. The Beginning of Something Special It was an unsettling time. The Iraq war, the Gulf war and SARS were raging across [...]

Meeting My Birth Parents: Samantha’s story

By Samantha, an Adoptions From The Heart adoptee Ever since I understood the term “adoption” and what it means, I have  wanted to meet my birth parents. When I was younger, my dream was just that of a naïve child. I did not understand the complexity of feelings. I heard from my birth parents twice [...]

A Birth Mother’s Story of Re-Adopting her Daughter

Adrian Collins is a birth mother and an adoptive mother. She also writes and speaks about the complexities of adoption and making peace with choices that bring heartache. When Adrian was in college, she became pregnant with her daughter. At the time, she was unable to provide for her, so she placed her for adoption. [...]

Katie and Andres’ Story

Katie and Andres always knew they wanted to grow their family. After having difficulties conceiving on their own, the couple turned to IVF, hoping the treatment would be a solution to their fertility struggles. However, they were unsuccessful after one round of treatment, and the extensive process took a toll on Katie. “I felt awful, [...]

Kyle: A Birth Father’s Story

Birth Father’s Story Part 1 My girlfriend and I both grew up in upstate New York. When Jackie decided to move to Pittsburgh to go to school I came with her.  We shared a small efficiency apartment and a one bench truck.  I was working full time while finishing-up school. But after a while, we [...]

Jennifer, Rob and Genevieve’s Story

Jennifer, Rob, and Genevieve When Jennifer and Robert got married, they knew right away that they wanted to start a family. However, they quickly learned that conceiving a child would not be an option for them. After struggling with infertility – Jennifer and Rob decided it was time to begin considering other ways [...]

How a Birth Mother’s Struggles Led to a Loving Open Adoption

In 2017, Kristen was a 26-year-old single mother living in Delaware. She was struggling to provide not only for herself but her two daughters. Aside from the common struggles that are associated with being a single parent, she woke up each day with an overwhelming dark cloud of depression and a drug addiction she was [...]

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