The Latest Addition to the Adoptions From The Heart Family

The Latest Addition to the Adoptions From The Heart Family

Meet Meagan, AFTH’s new Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator

“By nature, I am a very family oriented person, and I love children. Everyone always told me that I would end up in a position working with families and children. When I heard about this job opening for Adoptions From The Heart, I hate to sound silly but I knew it was a sign. I needed to work for an agency that honored open adoption and building loving families.

An adoption story that has always stuck with me is my great aunt’s ‘B’s. My great Aunt ‘B’ was a teenager during the late fifties and early sixties, a time when many young women who found themselves pregnant were only given two options, 1) Marrying the child’s biological father or 2) Being forced to keep her pregnancy a secret and telling people she was “visiting her aunt” for nine months and then placing the baby for adoption after birth. After she placed her first biological child, a daughter, to her adoptive family open communication and updates were not encouraged. It was not until her biological daughter was a grown woman when they were finally united. What bothers me most about this story is that my aunt was shunned, and her and her family were forced to not speak about it.

I needed to work for an agency that was both 100% about family and women’s rights. Speaking of family, Adoptions From The Heart is one big happy family itself. On my very first day of work I received heartfelt welcoming emails not only from the Wynnewood office I was working in, but also staff members from AFTH’s Pittsburgh, Cherry Hill and Allentown offices. I have never received a warm welcome like that before, it was unreal. Company culture is everything, and I am happy to be here.”

Fun Facts About Meagan:

  1. She’s a proud University of Alabama alumna. Roll Tide!
  2. Meagan grew up a stone’s throw away from our Wynnewood office in Havertown, PA.
  3. Favorite hobby is singing
  4. Currently Meagan’s favorite TV show is This Is Us (Just like the rest of the office)!
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