Visiting Alapocas Run State Park

Visiting Alapocas Run State Park

Our Delaware adoption agency professionals think that the nation’s first state is also one of the most naturally beautiful. One of our favorite areas to enjoy the beauty of nature here is Alapocas Run State Park. Some of our favorite aspects of this goregous park include:

Can-Do Playground

Alapocas Run State Park is home to the first “Boundless Playground™” in Delaware. This massive 27,000 square foot playground is designed to be inclusive of children of all physical, mental, and sensory abilities – no one is excluded from playing here. Six Rotary Clubs from the Wilmington area worked together with the Delaware Division of Parks & Recreation, the Delaware Department of Transportation, and the National Center for Boundless Playgrounds to make this project a reality.

The Can-Do Playground recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in July of 2017. The park’s equipment is designed to cultivate the physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, and sensory skills of children from all backgrounds.

Blue Ball Barn

The Blue Ball Barn is a structure rich with history. Alfred I. duPont built the original structure from concrete and steel in 1914 for use as a dairy farm. It was named after the Blue Ball Tavern, which was a popular inn and meetinghouse located near the site. During the 1700s and early 1800s, innkeepers who were located on stagecoach routes would raise a pole with a blue ball to signal that passengers needed rides.

The barn changed hands in the family following duPont’s death and was eventually abandoned in 1977. However, the structure remained in place when the State of Delaware bought the property in 1999. The state began renovations in 2004, and the barn was opened for public visits in 2007.

Delaware Folk Art Collection

The Blue Ball Barn houses the official Delaware Folk Art Collection, which showcases over 120 works from over 50 local artists. During a visit here, you can gain a deep insight into the aspects of Delaware culture that have inspired artists from the region. The interactive experience allows visitors to use touchscreens in order to learn more about the collection, the artists, and their creative processes.

The collection is divided into the following categories:

  • Art from Work
  • Fine Folk Art
  • New Traditions
  • Root Cultures
  • Salvage & Outsider Art

Rock Climbing Area

Alapocas Run State Park is an extremely popular rock-climbing destination. Rock climbing is an excellent form of exercise for both your body and your mind. The physical nature helps build muscle mass and flexibility, and rock-climbing is an activity which requires you to keep your mind in a constant state of intense focus. Alapocas offers top-rope climbing, where the rope is anchored to the top of the climbing area. This is one of the safest ways to rock climb, so it’s a great place both for seasoned veterans and novices.

Hiking Trails

What’s a good state park without its fair share of trails? Alapocas Run has plenty to offer in this department. Some of the main trails located here include:

  • Alapocas Woods Trail – Located under a canopy of tall hardwood trees, the Alapocas Woods Trail offers a scenic hiking route through diverse terrain and rocky surfaces. However, the trail walking surface is paved. There are also mini-trails branching off to the sides of the main area. The trail connects to the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail as well.
  • PawPaw Trail – A walk around the short and easy PawPaw trail features packed earth, rock train, and views of Delaware’s native Pawpaw trees. You can also enjoy beautiful views of the Brandywine River from the trail’s rock outcroppings.
  • Northern Delaware Greenway Trail – 2 miles of the 10.4-mile Northern Delaware Greenway Trail run through Alapocas. This section of the trail is wide and has a paved surface. There are also connecting paths from Rockland Road to West Park Drive, Augustine Cut-off to West Park Drive, and Rockford Road to Hill Road.

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