Visiting The Delaware Children’s Museum

Visiting The Delaware Children’s Museum

We believe that exposing your kids to as many educational experiences as possible is a key principle of good parenting. While your child’s school may do a good job of developing their mind, there are other enriching environments that can help your child learn new things and develop a love for learning in general. The Delaware Children’s Museum is one of our favorite venues for meeting this goal, as your child can learn all about the world around them through a variety of interactive and educational exhibits. Some of our Delaware adoption agency professionals‘ favorite aspects of this museum include:

Block Party

The Block Party exhibit is running through January, each morning at 10 a.m. In this exhibit, kids can build their creative skills while constructing physical structures made of wood, foam blocks, plastic tubes, and other building materials. Your little ones can build their own miniature versions of streets, houses, parks, schools, airports, and other key facets of urban environments. They can even build their own roller coasters and will get a kick out of seeing who can build the tallest, twistiest, and craziest one.

The Power of Me

The Power of Me exhibit is an educational experience that teaches kids about the human body through interactive exhibits. Visitors can see how long they can hang from a chin-up bar, learn about how the brain sends signals to the muscles and how the muscles respond, test their own strength and physical capabilities, and learn how they can make sure their body stays healthy.


The Stratosphere is spiraling structure 30 feet in diameter, which is designed for kids’ climbing. It contains several entrances in the lobby, which allow children to climb up the circular platform overlooking the lobby below. It also features a wheelchair-accessible upper level, so kids of all physical abilities can enjoy a climb.

Bank On It

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about responsible financial management. The “Bank On It” exhibit helps to teach them about the principles of earning money, balancing a budget, saving for the future, and managing spending. It does all of these things in a fun and entertaining way, with interactive components such as a pretend ATM and cafe with tables and chairs, where kids can learn about how a business is run.

S.T.E.M. Room

The Delaware Children’s Museum as a whole is geared towards science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and the museum’s STEM room is the jumping off point for exploring these fields through educational and interactive experiences. Many of the events held here feature opportunities to learn from prominent individuals affiliated with Delaware’s STEM community. Some of the programs featured in the STEM room include:

  • Science Series – Kids can pretend to be a different type of scientist each week
  • Junior Engineers Series – Engages kids in interactive experiments to encourage an interest in the engineering field
  • Preschool Math and Programming
  • Aviation Adventures

Earth Balloon

The museum offers rentals of an Earth Balloon, which is a 19-foot inflatable globe that can be used in schools and classrooms to teach kids about geography, geology, maps, and other topics related to social studies. When a school rents the balloon, a professional from the museum will come along with it to the school and educate students through a world tour around the balloon, lessons on geographic features like continents and oceans, and a journey inside of the balloon to learn about the inner workings of the Earth.

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