Why Our Connecticut Adoption Pros Love Visiting J.B. Williams Park

Why Our Connecticut Adoption Pros Love Visiting J.B. Williams Park

At Adoptions From the Heart, we think it’s important for families to get out of the city and suburbs and into nature on a regular basis. Connecticut is full of beautiful parks and other natural areas where the whole family can enjoy outdoor activities together. Our Connecticut adoption professionals are big fans of J.B. Williams Park in Glastonbury. We love taking weekend summer trips here as a family and disconnecting from technology. There are tons of amenities here, ensuring that everyone in your group will be able to find something fun to do. Some reasons why we like J.B. Williams Park include:


J.B. Williams Park has some hiking trails which are of relatively easy difficulty. This makes it a great hiking destination for parents who are looking to introduce their younger kids to the wonders of hiking. There is plenty of beautiful scenery to be taken in during a hike along these trails, including woods, a pond, several bird species, and more. We love bringing our dog along with us as well for a little outdoor exercise in nature.


The pond isn’t just nice to look at, it can also be used year-round for fun outdoor activities – fishing during the warmer months and ice-skating during the winter. Either one of these activities works well as a bonding experience for the family. Teaching your kids the skill of fishing is always rewarding, and who doesn’t like a nice ice-skating session in nature?


The park has some nice softball fields where you can organize your own game or play games for an organized intramural league. We think a family softball game makes for an incredibly fun family reunion activity. Bring along some coolers full of food and cold drinks, rent a pavilion, and hold your reunion bash here for some fun times in the beauty of Connecticut nature.


If you’re looking to hold a big outdoor get together with food and drinks, we highly recommend renting the pavilion. Measuring 40 feet by 40 feet, this pavilion has a kitchen with an upright refrigerator, pot sink, serving center, and stove. You can also ask for handicapped accessible men’s and women’s restrooms when you make your reservation.


Of course, any parent knows that a nice playground is a must for any good park. The playground at J.B. Williams is one of our favorite Connecticut playgrounds to visit during the dog days of summer, as it’s completely covered in shade by the trees towering over it. This is a dream come true when your kids want to play outside but no one feels like baking under the relentless heat of the summer sun.

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