Why Our Philadelphia Adoption Agents Think You Should Check Out The Morris Arboretum

Why Our Philadelphia Adoption Agents Think You Should Check Out The Morris Arboretum

Philadelphia is a city with prestigious universities, museums, and other institutions that help the public learn about new ideas. At the University of Pennsylvania, the Morris Arboretum is an awe-inspiring wonderland featuring beautiful flowers and plants, along with a variety of exhibitions and events catered to both children and adults. Our Philadelphia adoption agents love taking family trips here to learn more about nature and a visit is always met with excitement from our kids. Some current happenings at the Morris Arboretum include:

Time in the Garden

Time in the Garden is this year’s featured spring exhibition at the Morris Arboretum. It shows how time passes in the garden and explores the life cycles of flowers and other parents throughout the changing seasons. There is also a series of sculptures set up for this exhibit – all of which are available for purchase.

Out on a Limb

This is a Tree Adventure exhibit where your family can walk through the forest with a unique perspective – from 50 feet above on a mesh canopy. You’ll have sweeping views of the forest from the walkways and observation decks and can look straight down to the ground below beneath the rope canopy. You can even crawl inside of a bird’s nest and sit with some giant robin’s egg – always a hit with the kids. This exhibit is fully accessible and offers learning opportunities for both kids and parents. Out on a Limb is also available for party rentals and is sure to make for a birthday party your child and their friends won’t ever forget.

Close to the Land: Images of Rural China by Charlotte Temple

The Visitor Center regularly hosts art exhibitions and is always worth a stop during a trip to the arboretum. Right now in the Upper Gallery, Charlotte Temple’s photography exhibit of 24 images of rural China is on display. Temple sought to capture images of Chinese farmers who continue to live off the land today, much the same way they did one thousand years ago. However, she also explores changes that have occurred over the centuries. The Morris Arboretum and Temple have both done plant exploration and research in China during similar periods of time.

People, Plants & Place: The Story of Morris Arboretum

In the lower gallery, there is an exhibit which tells the story of the Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania. What initially began as a summer estate has become a cultural institution in the city and a favorite of plant-lovers throughout the region.

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