Winners of the AFTH Birth Parent Scholarship Fund: Where are they now?

Winners of the AFTH Birth Parent Scholarship Fund: Where are they now?

AFTH is currently accepting Birth Parent Scholarship Fund applications for those wishing to pursue a higher education in the Fall 2019 semester.  All applications for the upcoming fall semester are due no later than July 1, 2019.

In the meantime read on to see what some of our past Birth Parent Scholarship recipients have been up to. We are very proud of all of their accomplishments!

Madison Hefley

Fall 2016 Birth Parent Scholarship Winner

“I have been flourishing! I finished my Associates at Broome Community College which the Birth Parent Scholarship helped me achieve. I then went on to Esthetician School which I just finished April 11, 2019. Now I’m a Licensed Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist at my salon The DollHouseNYC in New York. I’m really doing great and I’m so thankful for your scholarship. Not only did it help me finish school but it made me feel so appreciated that there are people who think about the Birth Moms. You don’t ever hear the Birth Moms side of the story because no one cares to hear it. I’m really thankful for y’all.”

Marisa Kealoha

Fall 2016 Birth Parent Scholarship Winner

“I was re-admitted to UC Davis in Fall 2016. I moved to a place where I no longer knew anyone, I had no job, no car, and the roommate situation I had secured was in jeopardy because of my poor credit history. It was scary not knowing how I would support myself, but I was determined to finish my education despite the uncertainties. The scholarship helped me support myself during this trying time while I settled in, managed my full-time course load while working to to secure employment and housing for myself. Within a month, with the loving support of my adoption community and my son’s parents back home, I was working full time and had secured a co-signer on my apartment.

I finished my last 2 years of college, graduating in 2018 with a BA in Psychology and a BA in sociology, maintaining a spot on the Dean’s list every quarter I was in school. I learned through my education to analyze this world and the forces that move it, and they are not all kind. And they do not all treat all individuals the same. I cannot appreciate enough the love and support I received when I was powerless in this world with a child I saw doomed to repeat my suffering. I cannot appreciate enough the many hands who reached out to not only save my son from that fate, but to see my value and potential and to heal me and put me on the path of redemption, healing, and growth.

Today I work at an autism treatment center, and also at a homeless shelter, and in both places, I work to pay forward the overflowing love and compassion I was given and use my education to help others see and overcome the odds stacked against them. If I work my entire life at this, I still feel it would not be enough to repay the blessings I have received.

I also maintain close relationships with my adoptive family, my son’s mother and I wish each other happy Mother’s Day every year! Within the year I will be returning to see them before my son starts kindergarten! Knowing this family is such a blessing, as is watching the boy who started so much joy in my life grow into his own!”

Ali Garwood

Spring 2017 Birth Parent Scholarship Winner

“I was awarded the AFTH Birth Parent Scholarship Winter term 2016 (I believe). This helped pay for my tuition at the University of Oregon. I graduated June 2018 and have since acquired an office job at a family farm. I’ve learned so much about my organizational skills and how to communicate effectively in my field.”

Morgan Marais

Spring 2017 Birth Parent Scholarship Winner

“Since receiving the Adoptions from the Heart Birth Parent Scholarship, I have been able to achieve both my Bachelor’s in Human Resources Leadership and Master’s in Business Administration. I finished both degrees with the highest honors and was even able to land straight A’s while attending graduate school. Without the scholarship, I may have never been able to push through both degrees and see that light at the end of the tunnel for a better future. I’ve begun my career in the HR field, and currently am working for a local nonprofit organization. The scholarship meant so much to me and I would be honored to be a part in giving back to other birth parents.”

The Birth Parent Scholarship is not exclusive to those who have placed their child for adoption through AFTH. The AFTH Scholarship Board looks over applications sent from birth mothers and fathers throughout the country. To find out more about how to apply for the scholarship click here. If at anytime you have more questions about applying pleases feel free to call our agency at 1-800-355-5500.

*Unfortunately our agency is not able to award the Birth Parent Scholarship to every strong application we receive. But we want to help as many as we can and that’s where you come in! Consider donating toward the birth parent scholarship fund to help birth parents establish careers. Donations can be made through the following link on the AFTH website:

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