A Journey Through Aviation History At The Air Victory Museum

A Journey Through Aviation History At The Air Victory Museum

New Jersey is full of cool museums and fun educational destinations. Our New Jersey adoption agents try to take educational family outings at least once or twice per month, as we feel like it’s one of the best ways to bond together. The Air Victory Museum in Lumberton, NJ is one of our favorite places to go when we’re looking to learn about history. Some of our favorite sections of the museum include:

Memorial Library

The Memorial Library at the Air Victory Museum is dedicated to a few men who helped inspire the museum:

  • Harold Watson
  • Stephen Snyder
  • Raymond Sleeper

In this day and age, libraries aren’t used to the extent that they once were. The internet has made it easy to do plenty of research from the comfort of your home. However, we still think there is a great deal of value in researching and working on papers and projects the old-fashioned way. This large library has 4,000 volumes, including content that you can’t find online. We recommend making a visit here if you have a project to work on or if you’d just simply like to read about aviation history and other topics.

Uniform Area

The uniform area is full of military uniforms from every service of the United States Military, along with a wide collection of uniform samples from such countries as Canada, Russia, China, Scotland, Great Britain, and Thailand. You can also find a large collection of personal items donated to the Museum, including artifacts from World War One through present day.

Aviation Gallery

The Aviation Gallery offers a photographic journey through aviation history. Take a stroll through the gallery and learn all about how aircraft have evolved throughout the years while enjoying some historical photos, articles, and artwork lining the walls. A visit to the Aviation Gallery is always a great opportunity to learn something new.

Restoration Shop

The Museum has a workshop and restoration area where classic aircraft are restored to their original glory. Right now, technicians are working to restore the T-34 Mentor in the workshop. While you’re not permitted to enter the restoration shop, you can take a quick look inside for a glimpse of the restoration process.

Sit In P-80 Cockpit

The Museum allows guests to sit in a P-80 Shooting Star cockpit. This aircraft was an early jet fighter. Both children and adults are permitted to sit in the cockpit, play with the control stick, and push the throttle forward. Our kids love pretending to be jet fighters in this vintage plane.

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