A Celebration For Birth Mothers

A Celebration For Birth Mothers

A day at the Mermaid Factory

Birth Mother’s Day  is a celebration for mothers who placed their child for adoption. Creating an adoption plan is a selfless, yet difficult decision to ensure a child is with a wonderful family. Birth mothers are celebrated on the Saturday before Mother’s Day every year. Last month, AFTH’s Virginia office held a birth mother’s event – to support and celebrate  AFTH birth mothers. Nicole Fowler, an AFTH adoption counselor, helped host the to showcase her passion in providing support and resources for the adoption community.

The event was an intimate gathering, held at the Mermaid Factory, a creative painting business located in Norfolk Virginia. At the event, Nicole and attendees discussed each of their levels of openness in adoption. Adoptions From The Heart hosts theses support groups so that birth parents can discuss their thoughts and concerns. It allows others to be surrounded by people who fully understand what they are going through, as well as share similar stories and emotions they have experienced.

Honoring birth mothers

At the vent, staff were able to acknowledge women and families brought together by adoption and how they overcame obstacles they may have encountered.   Nicole, states that she is in awe of how the adoption community comes together in support of each other. After building so many beautiful families through adoption, Nicole , say that when it is time for her to plan her own family that she would like to adopt, instead of having biological childen. “Knowing there are babies and older children in need of homes, I’d much rather adopt.” Nicole emphasizes that adoption should not be viewed as “second-best” or “plan b,” but as another way to grow your family.

The event was a beautiful gathering of people joined together in their shared support of birth mother’s courage. We would like to thank everyone who helped prepare and attend the event.

Adoption builds beautiful families.


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