Choosing the Right Family for Your Child

Choosing the Right Family for Your Child

A Guide for Expecting Parents Going Through the Adoption Process

Here are a few elements to look over about each prospective adoptive parent you meet:

Residential Environment:

Raising children in a secure environment is important. Knowledge of crime rate within the region of the prospective adoptive parents home is crucial to the child’s safety. Do not be ashamed to question what opportunities are available within the area the prospective adoptive parents live. Maybe you prefer that your child lives in a small close-knit town as opposed to living in a concrete jungle among the hustle and bustle. To sum up, community environment plays a role in the child’s development.

Financial Stability:

Raising a child can cost a pretty penny to provide the best for them. Financial stability is not all about providing material objects. However having the means to afford the necessities i.e. safe home, education, food and etc. benefits a child.

Spiritual Beliefs and Culture:

Expecting parents raised in a christian household may want their baby raised by a christian family. Some expecting parents want their child to grow up in a protestant household as opposed to another christian denomination. In short, never be afraid to state your wishes and expectations when it comes to the religion and culture.


Many families create their own definition of “open adoption” depending on what is best for everyone in the triad. Therefore always go into detail about what your expectations are for a future relationship with the family. Levels of openness consists of how much communication, pictures, updates and visits the birth parent receive each year.

The information on residential environment, financial stability, spiritual beliefs/culture and openness play a big part in choosing the adoptive parent(s).

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