Cooling Off With The Family At Sandcastle Water Park In Pittsburgh

Cooling Off With The Family At Sandcastle Water Park In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is notorious for its humid and muggy summers, but when you need a way to beat the heat, Sandcastle Water Park is a God-send. With an idyllic location on the banks of the Monongahela River, this park features 15 attractions that can help you and the whole family cool off and make some fun memories on a hot summer day. Everything is also located on a boardwalk, which really helps make it feel like you’ve escaped the city to the Jersey Shore. Our Pittsburgh adoption agents love the following attractions at Sandcastle Water Park:

Rides & Slides

Sandcastle is home to seven different water rides and slides that you and your family can enjoy, including:

  • Blue Tubaluba – These two winding 450-foot long slides make up the park’s first double rider enclosed water slide. The slides are partially translucent and guide you through various thrills such as misters, waterfalls, and sections of total darkness, before dropping you into a 4-foot deep pool below.
  • Cliffhangers – For these two parallel tube slides, riders walk up 45 steps to the summit before beginning their twisting descent, landing in three “sky pond” areas along the way before finally splashing into the final landing pool at the bottom.
  • Lightning Express – This looming 60-foot-high extreme body water slide towers in the air and features two double dip side channels, along with one freefall slide to thrill riders. Each of the Lightning Express’ body slide chutes is 250-feet-long, and “THE MONSTER” free-fall slide towers 85 feet above the finishing point. At your top speed, you’ll reach up to 25 miles per hour before splashing into the 4-inch deep braking lane.
  • Tubers Tower – Tubers Tower is a simple water slide in which riders on single inner-tubes slide down over 400 feet before landing in the 4-foot-deep water pool below.
  • Boardwalk Blasters – Boardwalk Blasters is one of the more extreme rides in the park, and only strong swimmers are permitted to take these thrills on. You’ll speed down two 25-foot-long slides before a 7-foot-free fall into a 12-foot deep landing pool below.
  • Dragon’s Den – This thrilling tube side is the newest one in the park. Brave thrill-seekers will be launched into the darkness before entering the misty dragon’s den, disappearing again before coming face-to-face with the ghastly beast.
  • Thunder Run – Thunder Run is a classic tube slide with guides riders on a 400-foot-long journey from 50-feet over the Boardwalk before dropping them into a 4-foot deep landing pool.

Waves, Rivers & Pools

Sandcastle Water Park features three waves, rivers, and pools you can expect to find at any major waterpark:

  • LazyRiver
  • Mushroom Pool
  • Mon-Tsunami Wave Pool

Kiddie Slides

If you’ve got little ones who are too short or too hesitant to ride the bigger slides, they can still have fun in the sun at the park’s two sections geared towards young children:

  • Tad Pool – A 2-foot deep pool featuring two small slides and room to wade, the Tad Pool is a great way to ease your child into the thrills of larger slides.
  • Wet Willie’s Water Works – This is a children’s playground, featuring ropes for pulling, valves for twisting, and handles that shoot out geysers, fountains, and sprays when pulled. Always supervised by a team of lifeguards for maximum safety.

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