Delaware’s December Birth Parent Support Group Meeting Recap

Delaware’s December Birth Parent Support Group Meeting Recap

On December 4, 2019, the AFTH Wilmington, DE office held its monthly Birth Parent Support Group.

Each month allows the women in this group to come together and not only enjoy one another, but to be one another’s “rock” and “hype woman.”┬áThe holiday season often goes hand-in-hand with the term “family time,” which can become an emotionally trying time for birth parents. As the women comforted one another they took time to channel their pain and create something special for their children.

The children may not be able to see their birth parents on Christmas day, however, their birth parents will be there in spirit once they open gifts. This year the women brought along a picture of themselves, one where they felt the most beautiful and confident. AFTH DE Social Worker Amanda Aliberti had everyone’s picture framed for their children to open on Christmas. Along with the gift, the children will also receive a card beautifully decorated and written for them by their birth mother. The picture and card are not solely “objects” but prized possesions they will cherish for the rest of their life.

After creating something special for their families, the birth mothers spent the rest of the day rejoicing in one another’s company. This was also their “family time” a family of birth parents who started as strangers and in a matter of months became confidants and dear friends. These women have stood by one another as they faced adversity and are there to celebrate their happiness. In turn, the group celebrated the family they created by playing the game “How Well Do You Know Your Fellow Birth Mother?” Amanda created the trivia game filled with facts about each other that they learned throughout the past few group sessions. It was great fun!

The has been a roller coaster of a year for most of the women in the group. Although some hurdles seemed hopeless, they managed to overcome a tough situation. Their tenacity and drive to do more are unbelievable, which is why they can do anything. Each birth mother created their very own 2020 vision board. The purpose of the vision board is to write down their hopes and dreams and set goals for the upcoming year.

Of course, no party (or an Aliberti party at least) is complete without some yummy food. Amanda’s famous White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookies were back by popular demand which everyone was happy about. After the ladies and staff took some time to nosh on some delicious holiday food, came the moment that would remind ALL of us why we celebrate the holidays.

It is no secret that we live in a world filled with negativity. There are people on this earth who choose to peg birth parents as immoral, lazy, careless along with other hateful descriptions. During this time of year, citizens are reminded that there are more than a handful of people in their corner. Many AFTH TV viewers wrote letters expressing nothing but honest admiration for these women. Throughout this past year, many of the women in that room have selflessly shown their vulnerability in front of the camera, sharing their story. These women are not only inspiring other birth parents but those who have no connection to adoption as well. Amid dark times, it is hard for the women to remember they are strong-hearted and true leaders, so Amanda read them some of the sentiments of our AFTH TV viewers.

Hearing what our AFTH TV viewers have to say about them left them speechless and honored. The tears started coming down when they received their gift courtesy of our gracious Expecting and Birth Parent Support Fund donors. Each birth mother was gifted with a $100 Visa Gift Card. This gift card is not only a gift for themselves it is a gift that can help them give to others- such as their children or those who have shown them love and support along the way.


Check out the video highlight below:


This is what Christmas is all about!




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