An Educational Trip To The Carnegie Science Center In Pittsburgh

An Educational Trip To The Carnegie Science Center In Pittsburgh

If you’re a parent who values exposing your child to educational experiences outside of the classroom, Pittsburgh is one of the best cities in America for meeting this goal. The city is home to at least 33 museums, each of which offers insight into different aspects of art, science, history, culture, and more. The four Carnegie museums here offer some of the most enriching educational opportunities, both for children and adults. The Carnegie Science Center is one of our favorites, and in the opinion of our Pittsburgh adoption agents, one of the best science museums in the entire country. Some of the unique facilities that can be found here include:

Buhl Planetarium

Pittsburgh philanthropist Henry Buhl Jr.’s The Buhl Foundation established the Buhl Planetarium back in 1939, which preceded the Carnegie Science Center. Here, your family can learn all about the wonders of outer space in an extremely entertaining environment, featuring a variety of shows, lights, sounds, 3D effects, and more. A few of the special programs that can be enjoyed at Buhl Planetarium include:

  • Stars Over Pittsburgh – This show is suitable for kids from grades 3 through 12, and acts as a guided tour of the night sky over Pittsburgh. Students are taught how to find planets and constellations in the night sky and learn about the various Moon phases.
  • Beginners’ Guide to the Universe – This program guides viewers on a tour outside of the Milky Way Galaxy into the outer limits of the known cosmos. Designed for students from grades 3-12.
  • SolarQuest Live! – In this program, students go on a journey to the sun and learn about space weather, solar physics, how scientists predict solar storms, and more.

Rangos Giant Cinema

The Carnegie Science Center’s Rangos Giant Cinema offers a mix of classic and educational film screenings. Parents have the opportunity to introduce their kids to classic films of American culture, along with educational interactive experiences. Some of the upcoming screenings at Rangos include:

  • Groundhog Day
  • The Princess Bride
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail Sing-Along
  • Amazon Adventure 3D
  • Tiny Giants 3D
  • Animalopolis
  • Dream Big: Engineering Our World


Anyone who lives in Pittsburgh understands that the sports culture here rivals that of any major American city. Sports traditions are passed down as a way of life here, and countless families bond together while cheering on the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins. The SportsWorks exhibit uses our city’s passion for sports as a vessel for teaching us about anatomy, biology, physics, chemistry, and more. SportsWorks features almost 30 different interactive experiences organized into three separate areas within the exhibit:

  • LifeWorks – Discusses the science behind a healthy lifestyle and how such a lifestyle benefits us.
  • Physics of Sports -An interactive section featuring a ropes challenge, an exhibit demonstrated kinetic energy, and a 25-foot rock wall.
  • Sports Challenge – Another interactive section which allows participants to measure their baseball bat swing speed, compare their sprint time against Olympians, test their reaction speed against a hockey goalie, and maintain their balance on a skateboard.


With artificial intelligence making major strides in recent years, it’s becoming clear that robotics may be more than just a future concept. In fact, our world is already using robotics in ways many of us may not even realize. The Roboworld exhibition at Carnegie Science Center is the largest permanent robotics exhibition on earth and allows guests to participate in several interactive stations which give insight into this rapidly developing technology. Some of the highlights include:

  • Artwork created by a computer
  • A game of air hockey against a robot
  • An artificial intelligence robot
  • The binary language of robots
  • A prescription-filling robot that works in Pittsburgh’s hospitals

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