Family Separation Crisis at the Border

Family Separation Crisis at the Border

By: Maxine Chalker, Adoptee and Executive Director of Adoptions From The Heart

I continue to see troubling news about the family separation crisis at the border. It seems that our government has not found a way to keep immigrant families together or even keep track of them once separated. This seems to be leading the way to de facto adoptions of children who have legal parents. The American people should be contacting their elected officials about this situation before it becomes even more out of control. These human rights violations are continuing and are supported by some state laws that allow judges to grant custody of children to American families without the consent of their parents. Some immigrant families claim that they have been coerced into waiving their rights to reunification with their children.

What can be done?

Well, the ACLU has been fighting hard against this crisis. They have had some success but with thousands of children left unaccounted for questions remain. What will happen to them? How can they rationalize this as they grow up and find they have been stolen from their birth families?  What will their immigration status be?  How will they be protected from deportation after growing up in the US as other “dreamers” have been?

This is not to say that American families welcoming these children into their homes and caring for them aren’t to be commended but they need to keep in mind that their children are from another culture and have another family. They may not be aware of the feelings of adoptees and how to help.

Adoptions From The Heart is available to help any families feeling the need for more education in this area. Reach a social worker by calling 800-355-5500.

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