Kathy #2437

Kathy #2437

2437_1Hello my name is Kathy. As you read my profile I have chosen details to share that would help you get to know me in the way my family and friends do. I wish you the best as you make the courageous choice of selecting the right home for your child. It is my promise to you to provide a life time of love and support to your child.

I am blessed to have a very close and loving relationship with my family. We all get along and enjoy spending a lot of time together, on annual family vacations, at my niece and nephews school events, birthday parties and Girl Scout activities. I am looking forward to the day I will have a little one at home who will be able to participate in all the family fun.

I am ready for the journey and it is my promise to you to provide a life time of commitment, love and support to your child. In the end I would be so thankful to be a part of your life and your child’s life as we travel the road of adoption together.

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