Meet Adoptions From The Heart’s Newest Staff

Meet Adoptions From The Heart’s Newest Staff

Meet The Team

For this week’s blog, we asked 2 new employees from our Wynnewood, PA office to share why they wanted to be a part of the  AFTH family!

Sara M. – Events and Marketing Coordinator 

“I grew up in the Malvern area, and from an early age, I developed a strong passion for helping people in need. In sixth grade, I formed a group of students to help raise money for Tsunami Relief in Southeast Asia. Being able to see the products of my work was incredibly humbling and rewarding. My love only grew from there. I attended Gettysburg College where I pursued a degree in Environmental Science. I have always had a love for the sciences, and thought this could be the perfect way to help those in need.

However, while at Gettysburg, I also continued my love for philanthropic and service work by joining a National Co-Ed Service Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. I met one of my best friends in the organization who one day dreamed of putting on a 5k as a spring service project for Alpha Phi Omega. Unfortunately, he passed away before getting that chance. A fellow member and I decided there would be no other way to honor our friend than to put on a 5k. We built the event from the group up with hundreds of hours being put in over the course of two years. It will be in its 5th year this year. From the moment of the 1st 5k, I decided this is the type of work I could be doing the rest of my life and never tire from it.

The past few years, I’ve enjoyed working at Overbrook Golf Club as a tennis instructor, where I also formed an affinity for working with children. This only continued when I took a swim coach position at Friends’ Central Aquatics. Once again, being able to help kids learn about the sport I grew up loving was at the forefront. I also worked part-time at a small swim shop in Paoli, PA called Toad Hollow Athletics, where I learned some of the most invaluable and precious lessons of life. My coworkers there ultimately helped shape the woman I am today – one who loves to help others and keep going on, despite any setbacks.

It only seemed appropriate to apply for the Events and Marketing Coordinator position at AFTH because it furthered my love for not only philanthropic and non-profit work, but also children and families. AFTH has been a wonderful milestone in my life, as I’ve definitely grown fond of my co-workers and the work I do on a daily basis. My post-grad experience has been an adventure like no other, but I could not be grateful for the position I am in now.”

Brittany B. – Office and Marketing Associate

“I recently moved to the Philadelphia area from Georgia, but I am originally from Roanoke, Virginia. I attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA for my Bachelor’s in psychology. A few years after my graduation, I got pregnant and decided to do an open adoption. This was the best decision I could have made. Every day I see how much the adoptive family loves my child. This experience opened my eyes to how adoption can make someone else’s family complete. I spent some time in Utah during the adoption process. After that I moved to Savannah, Georgia to get a fresh start. I lived there for 4 years and received a permanent tan! I have family & friends that are in Philadelphia and wanted a change scenery.

This is more than just a job for me, being as though I placed my son in an open adoption. Working here is a therapeutic way for me to help others. I look forward to helping expectant mothers and adoptive parents. I will be helping both the marketing and the administrative team here, and I am very happy to be on board!”



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