In just a few short weeks it will be November, which is National Adoption Month. Adoptions From The Heart and other agencies across the country dedicate the month of November to honor everyone in the adoption triad.  So bring on National Adoption Month 2019!

This year Adoptions From The Heart will start the month-long celebration off with our 3rd Annual Share Your Heart Benefit Concert. The concert will take place on Thursday, November 7, 2019 from 7:00 pm -11:00 pm at Manayunk Brewing Company. There will be performances by rock cover band Whiskey Logic, folk duo Bethlehem & Sad Patrick, and the fabulous Miss Elaineous . Stay tuned for next week’s blog post all about the concert and how to purchase tickets!

Do you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? If not then you absolutely should! For National Adoption Month 2019 we’ll be running two new social media campaigns, #OpenAdoptionsRock and #BirthMother2BirthMother / #BirthFather2BirthFather. Check below for a little info on each campaign:

#OpenAdoptionRocks – All parties in the triad will share what they love about being in an open adoption. These quotes will be used alongside pictures sent in by each participant.

#BirthMother2BirthMother / #BirthFather2BirthFather – Birth Fathers will share advice with other birth fathers struggling, and birth mothers will share advice with other birth mothers. Be sure to check out our Instagram/Facebook stories on Mondays for birth moms, and on Fridays for birth fathers.

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