Our Favorite Wineries and Breweries Near Glastonbury, CT

Our Favorite Wineries and Breweries Near Glastonbury, CT

If you’re a wine connoisseur or beer aficionado in Connecticut, you’re in luck, because this state has a number of excellent wineries and breweries. Our Glastonbury adoption professionals love taking weekend trips to these establishments as a way to unwind after the work week. There are several that we enjoy in Glastonbury and nearby towns in Connecticut. If you’re looking for a good winery or brewery in this area, we recommend checking out the following:

Crystal Ridge Winery

Crystal Ridge Winery is a truly majestic place, and you’ll be in awe before you even step foot in their tasting room. The winery is situated on top of a hill with breathtaking views of Glastonbury and surrounding areas and the tasting room is overlooking this hill. The wine selection here is just as impressive as the view, and tastings are quite affordable. We think any wine lover within driving distance should make a trip here to indulge in delicious wine in an unmatched atmosphere.

Joseph Preli Farm and Vineyard

While Crystal Ridge Winery may get more fanfare, the Joseph Preli Farm and Vineyard is also a formidable winery in Glastonbury. This hidden gem is a small, family-owned vineyard with a true rustic style. It’s not fancy like Crystal Ridge, but we think this is part of its charm. The tasting area is right next to the vineyard, and we love taking in the views of the vines while tasting the wine that’s been made from them. The winery also has a farmstand where grapes, butternut squash, peppers, and other produced can be purchased in season.

Still Hill Brewery

Located in nearby Rocky Hill, the Still Hill Brewery is well worth a short road trip for beer lovers. This nondescript brewery is located in an industrial complex, like most breweries. Connecticut beer connoisseurs are likely already familiar with Still Hill Brewery, and you can get all of your favorite brews here, along with snacks like hot soft pretzels.

Fat Orange Cat Brew Co.

Fat Orange Cat is one of the most unique breweries we’ve ever been to. It’s in the backyard of a farmhouse, making you feel like you’re at a house party trying the host’s home brews. However, you’ll never confuse Fat Orange Cat beers for amateur ones. Their beers are expertly brewed with a hodgepodge of all kinds of unique ingredients and we’ve made it a mission to try every one.

2nd Bridge Brewery Company

2nd Bridge Brewing Co. is a Manchester brewery that specializes in craft ales, porters, and stouts. It’s in a typical brewery industrial space, but the decor is tasteful so it doesn’t feel too industrial. They also have plenty of games to enjoy while you taste beers, such as Jenga and tic-tac-toe.

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