Clemente Museum 

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Located in this historic Engin House 25, in Lawrenceville, PA, the Clemente Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of memorabilia from Roberto Clemente. 

Curator Duane Rieder spent time renovating the Engine House 25 in for the collection to be showcased. Inside, you’ll find baseball artifacts, literature, works of art, photographs, and other related items that were all surrounded and connected to Roberto Clemente, his teammates, his personal life, and humanitarian causes. 

Some of his most prized and renowned items are known as The Silver Slugger Award, his cleats, Gold Gloves, the home base from The World Series Rings from 1960 and 1971, and a vase that showcases the name of his wife etched into it.  

Roberto Clemente

For those who are unfamiliar with who he was, Clemente was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates back in 1954 and was well-known as the greatest baseball player of his time.

Through this time, the struggle for social justice had affected every part of our country. He and many other athletes, regardless of what their abilities were on the field, had to bear the burdens of racial and cultural prejudices. 

He faced such unjust issues with integrity, confidence, and empathy for the less fortunate. During his 18-year career, Clemente received every award that one can receive in Major League Baseball. 

Off the field, Clemente used his fame to help children through sports and build a reputation as an amazing humanitarian. His passion for helping others has left a permanent mark on the world and is why this Museum is dedicated to him. 

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