Adoptive Family

The Day Quinn came into Our Lives

My husband and I were placed with a beautiful baby girl through AFTH on November 2, 2016. After almost two and a half years of waiting we finally received a call for an emergency placement. We had less than 24 hours to travel to Philadelphia to meet our daughter Quinn. It was quite a whirlwind [...]

A Father’s Journey in International Adoption

George, Lorelei (wife/Mom), and Elena Runkle (Center) By George Runkle, assisted by Elena Svetlana Runkle As of the summer of 2001 we had, throughout the previous year, watched our oldest daughter graduate from college and get married, and were in the process of preparing for our other daughter’s senior year in high school. [...]

Open Adoption = Double the Love

Mia Hi!  My name is Mia.  I am 11 years old and I am adopted.  My birth parents chose the agency - Adoptions from the Heart and open adoption.  I think that this is pretty cool!  And I feel that I am so lucky because of that choice.  Now I have two families, [...]

A Tribute to Maxine

Left to Right: Brendan, Mary, Caroline, Larry, Peter, and Katie It was 35 years ago on a cold fall morning when Mary and I met Maxine for the first time. She had recently started her own private adoption agency. We met Maxine in the basement of her home for our initial intake. We [...]