The Unheard Voice Of A Birth Mother: Introducing Mary

The Unheard Voice Of A Birth Mother: Introducing Mary

Mary’s Journey

Nobody ever “chooses” to face an unplanned pregnancy. As a woman, finding out you are pregnant unexpectedly can be scary, overwhelming and even confusing. Finding the right support to allow yourself to make a conscious decision about what is in the best interest of that child is crucial. Choosing adoption is not an easy decision. Birth parents are strong enough to fight through the pain of loss, and proactively make this choice FOR their children. They are amazing individuals, and it is important for people to hear their story. Often times their sacrifice and love for their child is forgotten by those outside of the adoption community, and we want to bring light to their stories. Giving men and women a safe place to share their experiences of placing a child for adoption is key to our society embracing them and the love that they have for their children. We want to give birth parents a voice to an unspoken topic of their strength, courage and determination to fight for their choice to give the best life to their children.

Adoptions From The Heart recently had the privilege of giving a platform to Mary Kiker, a birth mother who placed through our Delaware Office. Mary was facing a very scary situation back in 2017, when she found out she was pregnant unexpectedly. She contacted Adoptions From The Heart and has since made a beautiful open adoption plan with a family she chose and met ahead of time. Today she has a beautiful open relationship with both the adoptive family and her daughter, who live in Virginia. It has been a privilege and honor to hear Mary’s story. Not all birth mothers are comfortable talking about their experience, and that is okay. However, women like Mary who are open to putting their story out there, are ultimately able to reach a large audience who may have never had the opportunity to hear a birth parent speak before, in order to talk about their experience with open adoption. We want other women and men who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, to know that adoption should not be shameful. It’s a path of courage and strength some parents choose in order to give their children amazing futures. Mary connected with other members of the adoption triad at Adoptions From The Heart and was able to use her story and other stories to continue to heal and move forward. After putting her story on camera, she felt relieved and motivated, finding a purpose that she thought was lost for a long time… Watching Mary embrace her choice of adoption and feel proud of the woman she is today, is extremely empowering. Mary is an inspiration to us of all…

Mary Kiker

“As a birth mother, sometimes it feels as if we are almost the forgotten piece of the puzzle. It can be such a sad and dark place to be when those feelings overwhelm you. However, being given the opportunity to share my experience, thoughts and feelings with others is beyond therapeutic. While my journey has been challenging, it has honestly been the most rewarding experience of my life. Having the support and encouragement of Adoptions From The Heart and others who have gone through this process gives me a sense of purpose and honestly makes my heart so full. The connections I cherish the connections I am making and I am honored to have a chance to possibly help others who want to take this amazing and life changing ride. I am a humbled and better person because of all of this.”


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