Tips For Waiting Prospective Adoptive Parents

Tips For Waiting Prospective Adoptive Parents

Surviving the wait as a prospective adoptive parent can be overwhelming. It might feel like the wait will never end at some points. We’re here to tell you to stay patient because the wait will be worth it! Below are some tips that can ease your anxiousness while waiting for your child to come home.

  1. Live in the now: Remember that life is still happening. Take advantage of the waiting time. Spend more time with friends and family, go on vacation, go on date nights, exercise, etc. It is important to enjoy life in the present. Time will become less available when your child comes home, so it is important to utilize the free time available in the now and enjoy yourself.
  2. Attend support groups: Going to support groups can be very beneficial for waiting adoptive parents. Attending these groups can give you the opportunity to meet and talk to other parents that are experiencing everything that you are. Being able to talk about your feelings to someone who is in your exact situation and understands how you feel can do a lot of good with your mental health.
  3. Talk to previous adoptive parents: Talking to these adoptive parents can be beneficial because they understand how you feel, and they can give you additional experienced advice. Building relationships with other adoptive parents can only give you more knowledge for yourself.
  4. Research: This waiting period is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge. One way to expand your knowledge before bringing your child home is to attend cultural events. This can be a useful experience especially if your child is coming from a different cultural background. Another way to expand your knowledge is to read as much as possible about adoption, parenting, etc. Absorbing as much information as possible can only help you when you bring your child home.
  5. Utilize AFTH staff: The AFTH staff has a lot of experience and knowledge about the process you are in. Talking to a staff member for advice, knowledge, or even if you are just having a bad day can help a lot. Always remember they are here to help you!

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