A Family Visit To Kidcity Children’s Museum In Middletown

A Family Visit To Kidcity Children’s Museum In Middletown

Located in Middletown, Kidcity Children’s Museum is a three-floor immersive space where younger kids (ages 1-7) can explore their imagination and play with their adult relatives and other kids. Our Connecticut adoption professionals love visiting here on the weekends and during the summer, as the various exhibits here help kids learn new things while having fun. Some exhibits are more catered towards toddlers and babies, while others are appropriate for just about all kids under 8. Here is some more information on our favorite children’s museum in the Middletown area:


Kidcity is divided into three levels which have different interactive environments and exhibits.

Second Floor

There are five different environments on the second floor of the museum:

  • Musical Planet
  • The Lakehouse
  • Floor Play
  • Middleshire
  • Birthday Party Room

The second floor also has a small collection of books that guests are allowed to read through.

First Floor

The first floor is broken up into the following environments:

  • The Fishery
  • Main Street
  • The Farm
  • Dinos
  • Space Age Roadtrip
  • The Neptune

The Museum Shop and snack area are also located on the first floor.

Below Ground

The entire below-ground level is dedicated to the Toddler Sea Caves. This section is reserved only for kids age 2 and under. However, there is an exception on the first day of every month, when kids of all ages can swim through the caves together.

History of the Museum

Kidcity is a non-profit organization which began in 1994 when Jen Alexander decided to open a children’s museum in Middletown. This project would take about four years to complete, with help from a local board of directors and hundreds of volunteers. St. Sebastian’s Church donated the historic Camp-Sterns House to be used as the site of the museum, after being used as the church’s convent for 70 years. The City of Middletown donated part of a public parking lot as the new location for the house. The old house was moved here, renovated, and exhibits were installed by local artists. Finally, Kidcity opened to the public in September 2018.

In 2003, Kidcity expanded to double its size with a new addition designed to look just like the original old house. An elevator and new exhibits were added, including a space designed just for the youngest visitors.

Rules At Kidcity

Kidcity has three main rules that are designed to keep all of their visitors safe:

  • Adults must supervise and stay with their kids at all times.
  • Move slowly on stairs, slides, and under low ceilings.
  • Food and drinks are only allowed in the designated snack area.

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