What’s Happening in Adoption Legislation: An Update for Pennsylvania

What’s Happening in Adoption Legislation: An Update for Pennsylvania

A recent Fox News story detailed a new bill that could make it easier for people to adopt in Pennsylvania. In fact, there are a whole collection of bills all related to updating the PA Adoption statute. We took a read through the legislation to learn about what is being covered and wanted to share an overview:

What’s Happening in Adoption Legislation_

HB 1524 – This bill updates the requirements about each county compiling a counseling list to be provided to expectant parents considering adoption; also adds a $75 filing fee which will go towards each county’s counseling fund.


HB 1525 –This bill requires proof of diligent search for putative fathers and requirements about publication for unknown fathers; allows biological parents to sign a waiver of notice of hearings related to the adoption proceedings.


HB 1526 – This bill changes the revocation period to 5 days instead of 30 and eliminates the need to provide biological parents notice of hearings.


HB 1527 – This bill repeals the requirement of the report of intermediary in PA and would instead include the information in the petition for adoption.


HB 1528 – This bill allows adoptive families to appeal their approved adoption subsidy amount.


HB 1529 – This bill allows adoptive parents to pay living expenses for expecting parents 3 months prior to birth and up to 60 days after birth.


HB 1530 – This bill allows correctional officers to witness consents for biological parents who are incarcerated.


HB 1531 – This bill eliminates the need for a confirmation of consent hearing in some cases.


From the perspective of an open adoption agency, these changes could be very beneficial. Some of these bills have been reviewed by the committee and things are very slow to move forward.  The committee website can be found here and it links to all the bills we over viewed above as well as all the representatives who sit on the committee.


If you feel strongly about these bills, reach out to some of the representatives about voting for their passage and we can get the bills onto the House floor!

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