Why The Garden State Discovery Museum Is An Enriching Experience For Kids

Why The Garden State Discovery Museum Is An Enriching Experience For Kids

The Garden State Discovery Museum is designed just for kids. In operation since 1994, this is the largest children’s museum in South Jersey. Our New Jersey adoption professionals love enjoying educational experiences with our kids at both adult and children’s museums. If you’ve got younger kids, a trip here may hold their attention better than a trip to an all-ages museum. We think the environment here strikes the perfect balance between learning and fun.  Some of our favorite aspects of about the Garden State Discovery Museum include

Discovery Workshops

The Discovery Museum hosts a variety of workshops for kids of different age groups. Subject matters range from learning the colors to art and science. Some of the current workshops on the schedule here include:

  • Celia the Colorful Cow (Pre-K and Up) – Learn colors through an experiment and participate in a musical trip around Celia’s magical world of color.
  • Curly the Caterpillar (Pre-K and Up) – Help Curly the caterpillar find her family and begin her journey of metamorphosis.
  • Bubble Magic: The Science of Suds (Pre-K and Up) – Find out why bubbles are round, why we can see colors in them, and more about the science of bubbles.
  • Discovering Dinosaurs (K-4) – In this workshop, your kid will have the chance to be a paleontologist for a day. Participants learn about dinosaurs and what the Earth looked like during their reign.

Discovery Theatre

At the Discovery Theatre, the Museum’s Theatre Troop entertains and teaches kids at the same time with instructional, audience-participation performances. All of these workshops are Pre-K and Up and include the following:

  • Dino Tales – This workshop features popular children’s stories with dinosaur twists, such as The Three Little Triceratops and the Little Red Hadrosaur.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – The classic children’s story and film, but with a modern-day version of the lead character.
  • Pinnochio – Another stage version of a classic children’s story and film, which shows how the lead character learns to stop lying and become a good and honest puppet.
  • The Frog Princess – Stars Thelma, the lost frog who wants to see the world beyond her home swamp. She eventually becomes a princess and realizes her life on the swamp was better than she thought.

Live Animal Shows

The Discovery Museum runs two permanent live animal shows, along with occasional limited engagement shows. The permanent shows include:

Nocturnal Nature

In this show, kids have the chance to meet various creatures of the night, including snakes, spiders, hedgehogs, and more.

Cool Critters

Cool Critters is an educational presentation featuring some of the coolest animals in the Museum, including bunnies, snakes, birds, spiders, and more.

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