Why You Should Take Your Kids To The Camden Children’s Garden

Why You Should Take Your Kids To The Camden Children’s Garden

South Jersey is a region full of educational experiences that the entire family can enjoy together. Our New Jersey adoption agents think it’s important for parents to introduce their children to new experiences and to help them learn outside of the classroom. The Camden Children’s Garden is one of our favorite destinations for an educational family field trip. Here, your kids can learn about a variety of nature topics through hands-on experiences. Some features that are popular with our kids include:

Four Seasons Butterfly House

The 1,200 square-foot butterfly house is always a big hit with the kids. The home is modeled after a butterfly’s natural habitat, with features like a quiet pond, bubbling fountain, and lush tropical vegetation.

Piney Woods Amphitheatre

The Piney Woods Amphitheatre includes a stage area with a backdrop of natural pine trees, along with a seating area for up to 140 guests and artist benches for even more seating. A variety of educational programs and performances are held here. The Amphitheatre is also available to rent for special occasions – such as graduations, wedding ceremonies, and award ceremonies.

Tree House

The tree house is a great place for your kids to get some outdoor exercise in a beautiful green environment. There are both steps and a ramp, so the tree house is accessible to kids of different physical abilities. Once you reach the top, you’ll be treated for a birds-eye view of the entire Camden Children’s Garden. If you look closely, you may even be able to spot some butterflies, hawks, and migratory birds. The tree house also overlooks the Read Oak Run and the Peace Plaza.

KaBOOM! Fitness Garden

If your kids really want to get a full workout in, then the KaBOOM! Fitness Garden is the place to be. This is set up like a jungle gym with a variety of physical activities designed for kids, including climbing, sliding, and balancing. Notable features include a rock tunnel, balance beam, stairs, a sliding board, and log stepping stones.

Dinosaur Garden

If your kids are anything like ours, they’re obsessed with dinosaurs! A visit to the Dinosaur Garden is always a treat and we love watching how much out kids enjoy learning about these ancient reptiles. Here, your kids can view a red Apatosaurus made from recycled car parts, a waterfall, a baby Hadrosaur (New Jersey’s state dinosaur), and even climb inside of a dinosaur egg and pretend they’re a baby dinosaur!

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