A Trip To The Connecticut Science Center

A Trip To The Connecticut Science Center

In Connecticut, there is no shortage of enriching educational experiences for both kids and adults. Our Connecticut adoption agents love taking educational family trips on the weekends to introduce our kids to new ideas. The Connecticut Science Center is one of our favorite places to learn new things and has a variety of exhibitions that are fun for the whole family. Some of our favorite current exhibitions here include:

Curious George

In this traveling exhibition, you and your kids can take a journey through Curious George’s neighborhood. Like all of the exhibits here, the experience is educational. Your children will learn about math, science, and engineering concepts through fun hands-on activities like mini-golf and designing a building.

Some of the fun features found inside of the Curious George exhibit include:

  • Apartment Building – Activities include operating wheels to move Curious George on pulleys between windows, climbing the fire escape, and games involving color, lights, and shadows.
  • Sidewalk Produce Stand – Kids can pretend to be customers or salespeople and learn about shapes, weighing, sorting, and counting with fruits and veggies.
  • Museum Within The Museum – Here, you and your kids can learn about the history of Curious George.

Bionic Me

Bionic Me is the current feature exhibition at the Connecticut Science Center, where you and your kids can learn about and explore how different medical and industrial developments have helped improve society. There are a variety of interactive and full body experiences to enjoy here, such as:

  • Inhabit an exoskeleton and experience increased strength
  • Take a flight in a virtual jetpack
  • Move a ball with the power of your mind
  • See in the dark with night vision goggles
  • Move a robot arm using a gesture interface

Science Alley

Science Alley is an educational wonderland, featuring an immersive experience in a ten-story atrium. Both kids and parents will be in awe of the various galleries and exhibits here.

The three main sections of Science Alley include:

Deep Sea

Learn all about one of the world’s least-explored areas: the deep sea. Highlights here include exploring a model of an adult sperm whale, following along with the searchlights of a deep sea Remotely Operated Vehicle, and taking in the sights of the beautiful 19’x7′ LED video wall.

Terra Firma

Highlights of the Terra Firma section include:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit where you can learn about the relationship between dinosaurs and today’s animals
  • Tornado exhibit where you’ll learn about the energies that cause extreme weather
  • Volcano exhibit where you can learn about the forces below the surface that can lead to an eruption


Some of our favorite parts of the Aerospace section include:

  • Hubble Space Telescope
  • Helicopter
  • Mercury-Redstone Rocket

Butterfly Encounter

In this immersive tropical environment, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close with a variety of butterflies through all four seasons.

Some of the best parts of the Butterfly Encounter include:

  • 40-50 different butterfly species free-flying, with new species added every week
  • Watching butterflies emerge from their cocoons and being released
  • Epiphyte “tree” which hosts various air plants, such as bromeliads and orchids

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