We are finally in the last two weeks of National Adoption Awareness Month 2020. This year’s recognition of National Adoption Awareness Month may look a little different (ex. Zoom adoption finalizations) but despite these disappointing adjustments, the adoption community was able to find ways to creatively connect. This month AFTH launched our first-ever podcast series: A Heart-to-Heart With Adoptions From The Heart.

Our A Heart-to-Heart With Adoptions From The Heart podcast is connecting the AFTH adoption community with adoption advocates from all over the country! AFTH’s goal was to give members of the adoption triad a chance to connect with someone they never met to discuss their journey through adoption. No adoption triad member’s story is exactly identical to their counterparts, but many find they’ve experienced similar joys and hardships.

For our first two episodes, we paired two of our frequent AFTHtv birth parents SeAyra and Samantha with two fellow birth mothers and movers and shakers within the adoption community. In our first episode AFTHtv host Amanda Aliberti moderates a deep and inspiring discussion between SeAyra and fellow birth mom, educator, and author Courtney Tierra. SeAyra placed her son for adoption during the current era of open adoption. Courtney placed her son when semi-open adoptions were standard. They come together during this conversation to reiterate the impact of birth parent support groups and remembering YOU are worthy.

Samantha got to share her story with fellow birth mother, lifestyle blogger, and author Hope Baker. Both of these women placed their children in open adoptions. One placed their child for adoption through an agency, the other placed their child for adoption independently. Both women talk about their journey in finding strength in sharing their story while connecting with other birth parents to learn that they are not alone.

If you enjoyed our first two episodes, don’t worry because we have more to share before the month is over!

Upcoming Episodes…

11/20/2020- Ep. 3: Transracial Adoptee-to-Transracial Adoptee Feat. Angela Tucker (“Closure”/The Adoptee Next Door) & Carli Glen (AFTHtv) @ 10:00 AM EST/7:00 AM PST

11/23/2020-Ep.4: Feat. Birth Mom Dominique White of  (“The 48 Hours Until Legal Adoption Signing”) &  Birth Mom Mary Kiker (AFTHtv) @ 10:00 AM EST/7:00 AM PST

11/27/2020-Ep.5: Transracial Adoptive Parent and Adoptee Brandi Ebersole (Kindred + Co.) & Transracial Adoptee Carli Glen (AFTHtv) @ 10:00 AM EST/ 7:00 AM PST

11/30/2020-Ep.6: Feat. Birth Mom Muthoni Gaciku (Birth Mothers Amplified) & Birth Mom Asia Bennett (AFTHtv) @ 10:00 AM EST/ 7:00 AM PST

Catch Up Now!

Ep. 1: A Heart-to-Heart With Birth Moms SeAyra Greene (AFTHtv) & Courtney Tierra (Educator/Author) https://anchor.fm/a-heart-to-heart-afth/episodes/Ep–1-A-Heart-to-Heart-With-Birth-Moms-SeAyra-Greene–Courtney-Tierra-em8l1q

Ep.2: Featuring Birth Mom/Blogger Hope Baker & AFTH Birth Mom/Frequent AFTHtv guest Samantha Thurlow https://anchor.fm/a-heart-to-heart-afth/episodes/Ep-2-Featuring-Birth-MomBlogger-Hope-Baker–AFTH-Birth-MomFrequent-AFTHtv-guest-Samantha-Thurlow-emeedk