Our Allentown Adoption Agents Recommend The Allentown Art Museum For A Family Cultural Experience

Our Allentown Adoption Agents Recommend The Allentown Art Museum For A Family Cultural Experience

Located in relatively close proximity to both Philadelphia and New York City, Allentown may not immediately come to mind when you think of cultural hubs in the Northeast. However, this city has plenty to offer in regards to the arts. The Allentown Art Museum consistently features some stunning exhibits of art from across various cultures and eras. Our Allentown adoption agents love bringing our families here – it’s a great place to introduce your kids to the wonders of the art world. Some of our favorite current exhibitions at this museum include:

New Geography: Photographs by Marilyn Bridges

This exhibit is on display in the museum’s Fuller Gallery until Sunday, April 29. It follows the four-decade career of revered photographer and pilot Marilyn Bridges, who takes birds-eye photographs of complex landscapes from planes above them. Her work explores how humankind has left physical markings on the earth through the building of our societies and civilizations.  Her work asks how modern society’s relationship with the land compares with that of ancient civilizations, and what future archaeologists will think of our civilization.

Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment

Stretching across Scheller, Rodale, and Fowler Galleries, along with Trexler Hall, this sprawling 100-image exhibit displays the work of contemporary women photojournalists. The photos come from all over the world and tell all types of unique stories through their striking imagery. Works by 11 women are featured from over the past decade. Some of the settings on display in these images include:

  • Botswana savannahs
  • War-torn streets of Libya and Afghanistan
  • Beaches of the Jersey Shore
  • Mongolian steppe
  • New Guinea’s rainforests
  • & much more

Photographs featured in this exhibit include:

  • Lynsey Addario
  • Kitra Cahana
  • Jodi Cobb
  • Diane Cook
  • Carolyn Drake
  • Lynn Johnson
  • Beverly Joubert
  • Erika Larsen
  • Stephanie Sinclair
  • Maggie Steber
  • Amy Toensing

You can view this exhibit until April 8.

Rhythm and Movement

Located in Butz Gallery, the Rhythm and Movement exhibition uses contemporary art to explore patterns and motion. Contemporary artists frequently revisit these themes in order to capture the intricacies of the modern world. This is done through various means, and this exhibit explores a variety of concepts, including everything from optical illusions to the historic Underground Railroad. Artists on display in Rhythm and Movement include Keith Haring, Jesus Rafael Soto, Faith Ringgold, and many more.

Rhythm and Movement is on display until March 25.

Soaring and Bounding: British Color Woodcuts

This exhibit is in the Decorative Arts Corridor and showcases how British artists have been influenced by the Japanese techniques of color woodcuts. These striking and dreamy pieces use a variety of Japanese aesthetics and techniques, which had a major influence on Western art during the 1920s and 1930s.

Artists on display in Soaring and Bounding include:

  • John Edgar Platt
  • William Giles
  • Allen Seaby
  • & many more

This exhibit is on display until April 1.

Indian Sculptures: Avatars of the Hindu Gods

On display in Payne Hurd Gallery until June 2, 2019, this breathtaking exhibit examines how Hinduism’s development in India led to the adoption of massive numbers of local deities. According to some Hindus, these local deities number as many as 330 million. Some believe that they are manifestations of one universal spirit called Brahman, while others believe the supreme diety is in a female form called Shakti. This exhibit features dozens of sculptures which depict the material forms of these spirits, also known as avatars.

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