Our New Jersey Adoption Agents Stay Overnight On Battleship New Jersey

Our New Jersey Adoption Agents Stay Overnight On Battleship New Jersey

History lovers have plenty to see in the South Jersey region, but the USS New Jersey (a.k.a. Battleship New Jersey) is one of the most historic treasures in this area. This battleship has been used in four different areas before being designated as a floating museum in the 1990s. If your family is particularly interested in military history, our New Jersey adoption pros highly recommend checking out the overnight stay at the Battleship New Jersey. Visits here are always educational, but the overnight stay can give you a deeper look into life on the ship.

Staying Overnight On The USS New Jersey

When you first step foot on the USS New Jersey, you’ll likely be blown away by its sheer size. The decks of this Iowa-class battleship span a length of roughly three football fields and the ship towers eleven stories high. You’ll also notice nine 16-inch guns throughout the ship, which could be used to fire at targets up to 23 miles away.

A Unique Perspective

Staying overnight offers a perspective you can’t find in the standard tours offered at the Battleship New Jersey. You’ll start your night with a chowline dinner, and after that, a guide will take you through a variety of spaces on the ship.

Some notable features that you’ll see on your tour include:

  • Entering a 16-inch gun turret
  • Captain’s and Admiral’s cabins
  • Officer’s Wardroom
  • Original ladders and companionways

A Sailor’s Life For The Day

During your stay on the Battleship, you’ll have the opportunity to step into the life of a sailor and live how the soldiers who occupied this ship did. You can stow your gear in the same lockers used to hold sailor’s personal items while at sea, sleep in bunks used by enlisted sailors, and eat in the Crew’s Mess.

Hands-On History Lessons

Of course, history will be a big part of your experience on the ship. Your guide will teach you all about how the Battleship New Jersey was used during World War II and the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf.

The battleship was reactivated for the final time in 1983 so it could be used in U.S. military operations during the Lebanese Civil War. It was decommissioned in 1991 and designated as a New Jersey Historical Site in 2004.

Birthday Parties

If your son or daughter is fascinated by military history, an overnight stay on the USS New Jersey makes for a great birthday party. You’ll enjoy all of the perks of a standard overnight stay with a special birthday cake added for the party.

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