Birth Father

Unsupportive or Unknown Birth Fathers

In the modern world of adoptions, many women face unsupportive or unknown birth fathers. Expecting mothers who want to place their child for adoption often wonder how to proceed in these scenarios. It is important to note that birth fathers do have rights which vary from state-to-state. Each case will be handled on an individual [...]

Misconceptions About Birth Mothers and Birth Fathers

Misconceptions about birth mothers and birth fathers often sensationalize the real truth and reality behind adoption. The media often portrays the birth mother as an addict or a teen mother. In regards to the birth father, stereotypes often depict him as absent or uninvolved, or even as a rapist. These common misconceptions downplay the reality [...]

The Unheard Voice of A Birth Father: Jimmy’s Adoption Story

When Jimmy became a birth father, he was excited; however, he knew his drug addiction would prevent him from being the birth father he wanted and needed to be.  “Addiction is so self-centered that I knew...I would have never been able to provide for her. My only choice at that time was adoption. I had [...]