domestic adoption

Kyle: A Birth Father’s Story

Birth Father’s Story Part 1 My girlfriend and I both grew up in upstate New York. When Jackie decided to move to Pittsburgh to go to school I came with her.  We shared a small efficiency apartment and a one bench truck.  I was working full time while finishing-up school. But after a while, we [...]

Jennifer, Rob and Genevieve’s Story

Jennifer, Rob, and Genevieve When Jennifer and Robert got married, they knew right away that they wanted to start a family. However, they quickly learned that conceiving a child would not be an option for them. After struggling with infertility – Jennifer and Rob decided it was time to begin considering other ways [...]

Establishing A Bond With Your Child As An Adoptive Parent

Establishing a bond with your child as an adoptive parent can have many ups and downs. Adoptive parents may be wondering how to develop a healthy, strong relationship with them. It is possible to develop a bond with the adoptee, and there are specific steps you can take to ensure a healthy, strong relationship with [...]

The Day Allison and Eric became Skylar’s Parents

The adoption process for Eric and I took longer than we ever thought it would.  It took us a year to find the right agency, almost a year to complete the paperwork and we were in the system waiting 2 years and 3 months when we finally got the call!  During this process, my biggest [...]

The Combs Family-written by Colleen

My husband and I were married for about 7 years when our lives changed forever. We had worked with Adoptions From The Heart to adopt a child through their domestic program. We matched quickly, but it fell through in the end. But in 2004, our son Thomas came into our life. He was an emergency [...]

Our Adoptions From The Heart Story

Our Adoptions From The Heart Story – Matthew and Elizabeth Our Daughter Liliana was born on October 22, 2013 Starting a Family We were married for several years not thinking we’d want to have children right away.  We wanted to establish our careers, travel, and enjoy our new lives together.  Children were not in the [...]

My World is Now a Better Place

Julianna by Diana Cardamone Photography Chris and I had it all. Great families, amazing friends, rewarding careers, and good health. Sounds good, right? What could be better? However, to me, my world was just not right; it felt incomplete. The excitement of beginning a family was fresh in our minds and we entered [...]

Celebrating Adoptions From The Heart’s 35th Anniversary

Intro The desire to parent a child was the driving force that led us to adoption.  We both came from “traditional” family structures with a mother and father plus siblings.  I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of our nation’s capital amidst a diverse shifting population in the turbulent 1960s and 1970s.  It felt like [...]

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